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( Neuropathy very common, underdiagnosed
May 8th 2024, 16:13

Neuropathy, the nerve damage that causes pain and numbness in the feet and hands and can eventually lead to falls, infection and even amputation, is very common and underdiagnosed, according to a new study.

( 'Wraparound' implants represent new approach to treating spinal cord injuries
May 8th 2024, 14:06

A tiny, flexible electronic device that wraps around the spinal cord could represent a new approach to the treatment of spinal injuries, which can cause profound disability and paralysis. A team of engineers, neuroscientists and surgeons developed the devices and used them to record the nerve signals going back and forth between the brain and the spinal cord. Unlike current approaches, the new devices can record 360-degree information, giving a complete picture of spinal cord activity.

( Teens who view their homes as more chaotic than their siblings have poorer mental health in adulthood
May 8th 2024, 13:53

Adolescents who view their households as more unstructured, disorganized, or hectic than their siblings develop more mental health and behavioral problems in early adulthood, according to new research.

( New study finds AI-generated empathy has its limits
May 8th 2024, 12:12

Conversational agents (CAs) such as Alexa and Siri are designed to answer questions, offer suggestions -- and even display empathy. However, new research finds they do poorly compared to humans when interpreting and exploring a user's experience.

( New guidelines for depression care emphasize patient-centred approach
May 8th 2024, 11:31

Psychiatrists and mental health professionals have a new standard for managing major depression, thanks to refreshed clinical guidelines.

( Researchers say future is bright for treating substance abuse through mobile health technologies
May 8th 2024, 11:31

Despite the high prevalence of substance abuse and its often devastating outcomes, especially among disadvantaged populations, few Americans receive treatment for substance use disorders. However, the rise of mobile health technologies can make treatments more accessible.

( Faster approach for starting extended-release naltrexone to treat opioid use disorder shown effective
May 8th 2024, 11:30

Starting people with opioid use disorder on extended-release, injectable naltrexone (XR-naltrexone) within five to seven days of seeking treatment is more effective than the standard treatment method of starting within 10-15 days, but requires closer medical supervision, according to results from a clinical trial. The findings suggest that this rapid treatment protocol could make XR-naltrexone more viable as a treatment option for opioid use disorder, which continues to take lives at an alarming rate.

( More than 321,000 U.S. children lost a parent to drug overdose from 2011 to 2021
May 8th 2024, 11:30

An estimated 321,566 children in the United States lost a parent to drug overdose from 2011 to 2021, according to a new study. The rate of children who experienced this loss more than doubled during this period, from approximately 27 to 63 children per 100,000. The highest number of affected children were those with non-Hispanic white parents, but communities of color and tribal communities were disproportionately affected.

( Pressure to be 'perfect' causing burnout for parents, mental health concerns for their children
May 8th 2024, 09:37

Is the status of 'perfect parent' attainable? Researchers leading a national dialogue about parental burnout say 'no,' and a new study finds that pressure to try to be 'perfect' leads to unhealthy impacts on both parents and their children.

( 'Mathematical microscope' reveals novel, energy-efficient mechanism of working memory that works even during sleep
May 8th 2024, 09:37

Researchers have discovered a mechanism that creates memories while reducing metabolic cost, even during sleep. This efficient memory occurs in a part of the brain that is crucial for learning and memory, and where Alzheimer's disease begins.

( THC lingers in breastmilk with no clear peak point
May 8th 2024, 09:37

When breastfeeding mothers in a recent study used cannabis, its psychoactive component THC showed up in the milk they produced. The research also found that, unlike alcohol, when THC was detected in milk there was no consistent time when its concentration peaked and started to decline. Importantly, the researchers discovered that the amount of THC they detected in milk was low -- they estimated that infants received an average of 0.07 mg of THC per day. For comparison, a common low-dose edible contains 2 mg of THC. The research team stressed that it is unknown whether this amount has any impact on the infant.

( Breakthrough paves the way for next generation of vision implants
May 7th 2024, 14:59

A group of researchers have created an exceptionally small implant, with electrodes the size of a single neuron that can also remain intact in the body over time -- a unique combination that holds promise for future vision implants for the blind.

( Why getting in touch with our 'gerbil brain' could help machines listen better
May 7th 2024, 14:46

Researchers have debunked a 75-year-old theory about how humans determine where sounds are coming from, and it could unlock the secret to creating a next generation of more adaptable and efficient hearing devices ranging from hearing aids to smartphones.

( Human 'neural compass' pinpointed in new study
May 6th 2024, 13:15

A pattern of brain activity that helps prevent us from getting lost has been identified in a new study.

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