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( Discrimination may accelerate aging
May 9th 2024, 17:02

Discrimination may speed up the biological processes of aging, according to a new study.

( A fragment of human brain, mapped in exquisite detail
May 9th 2024, 15:55

Researchers have created the largest synaptic-resolution, 3D reconstruction of a piece of human brain to date, showing in vivid detail each cell and its web of neural connections in a piece of human temporal cortex about half the size of a rice grain.

( High school student helps transform 'crazy idea' into innovative research tool
May 9th 2024, 12:47

A 'crazy idea' hatched during a walk in the woods and first tested by a high school student is now an innovative research tool used by scientists worldwide to predict neurotransmitters in fruit fly connectomes.

( How night shift work can raise risk of diabetes, obesity
May 9th 2024, 11:09

Just a few days on a night shift schedule throws off protein rhythms related to blood glucose regulation, energy metabolism and inflammation, processes that can influence the development of chronic metabolic conditions. The finding provides new clues as to why night shift workers are more prone to diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders. Though more research is needed, the researchers said the study shows that these disrupted rhythms can be seen in as little as three days, which suggests early intervention to prevent diabetes and obesity is possible. Such intervention could also help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is elevated in night shift workers as well.

( How biological aging clocks tick
May 9th 2024, 11:07

Aging clocks can measure the biological age of humans with high precision. Biological age can be influenced by environmental factors such as smoking or diet, thus deviating from the chronological age that is calculated using the date of birth. The precision of these aging clocks suggests that the aging process follows a program. Scientists have now discovered that aging clocks actually measure the increase in stochastic changes in cells.

( 'Digital afterlife': Call for safeguards to prevent unwanted 'hauntings' by AI chatbots of dead loved ones
May 8th 2024, 20:14

Researchers lay out the need for design safety protocols that prevent the emerging 'digital afterlife industry' causing social and psychological harm.

( Children sleep problems associated with psychosis in young adults
May 8th 2024, 11:31

Children who experience chronic lack of sleep from infancy may be at increased risk of developing psychosis in early adulthood, new research shows.

( Childhood maltreatment responsible for up to 40 percent of mental health conditions
May 8th 2024, 11:30

A study has found the widespread impact of child abuse and neglect, with analysis suggesting they cause nearly half of common mental conditions. Researchers say childhood maltreatment should be treated as a public health priority.

( How psychedelic drugs interact with serotonin receptors to potentially produce therapeutic benefits
May 8th 2024, 11:27

Researchers have shed valuable light on the complex mechanisms by which a class of psychedelic drugs binds to and activates serotonin receptors to produce potential therapeutic effects in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety.

( Chimps learn and improve tool-using skills even as adults, study finds
May 7th 2024, 15:02

Chimpanzees continue to learn and hone their skills well into adulthood, a capacity that might be essential for the evolution of complex and varied tool use, according to a new study.

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