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( Could getting enough sleep help prevent osteoporosis?
May 7th 2024, 15:02

In people's early- to mid-20s, they reach what is called peak bone mineral density, which is higher for men than it is for women, according to researchers. This peak is one of the main determinants of fracture risk later in life. After reaching this peak, a person's bone density remains roughly stable for a couple of decades. Then, when women enter the menopausal transition, they experience accelerated bone loss. Men also experience bone density decline as they age. Sleep patterns also evolve over time.

( Genetics, not lack of oxygen, causes cerebral palsy in quarter of cases
May 7th 2024, 15:00

The world's largest study of cerebral palsy (CP) genetics has discovered genetic defects are most likely responsible for more than a quarter of cases in Chinese children, rather than a lack of oxygen at birth as previously thought.

( New device that emits magnetic field may offer hope for treating depression
May 7th 2024, 15:00

In an exploratory clinical trial, four male patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder underwent eight weeks of treatment with a device that generates a low-frequency ultralow magnetic field environment (ELF-ELME). An improvement in depressive symptoms was observed, with no adverse effects, among all patients. If the efficacy of the device can be confirmed in larger clinical trials with a control group, this therapy could serve as an alternative treatment for patients who do not want to take antidepressant medications.

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