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( Self-critical perfectionism gnaws on students' well-being already in lower secondary school
May 6th 2024, 13:15

A new study among ninth-graders attending lower secondary school in Swedish-speaking areas of Finland identified four perfectionistic profiles with varying associations with students' psychological well-being.

( Contract treatment reduces recidivism and substance-related adverse health events
May 6th 2024, 13:15

Substance use disorder treatment in the community is a superior alternative to incarceration for offenders with a substance misuse background, according to a recent study evaluating the effectiveness of the contract treatment sanction in Sweden.

( Participants of pioneering CRISPR gene editing trial see vision improve
May 6th 2024, 13:15

About 79% of clinical trial participants experienced measurable improvement after receiving experimental, CRISPR-based gene editing that is designed to fix a rare form of blindness, according to a new article.

( Improved nutrition, sanitation linked to beneficial changes in child stress and epigenetic programming
May 6th 2024, 13:15

A new study provides some of the clearest and most comprehensive evidence to date on what is known about stress physiology and 'epigenetic programming.'

( New study reveals age-related brain changes influence recovery after stroke
May 6th 2024, 13:15

A new study has revealed that areas of age-related damage in the brain relate to motor outcomes after a stroke -- a phenomenon that may be under-recognized in stroke research. The new observational study looked at the relationship between stroke recovery and white matter hyper-intensities (WMHs) -- areas of age-related damage in the brain's white matter, which represent vascular dysfunction and are known to impact cognitive functions.

( Small molecule shows early-stage promise for repairing myelin sheath damage
May 2nd 2024, 14:12

A breakthrough study appears to overcome difficulties that have long frustrated previous attempts to reverse a form of nerve damage that robs people with MS of motor control and gradually blunts cognitive functions for many people as they age.

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