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( Leadership Style Quiz: What Type of Leader Are You?
Feb 10th 2024, 13:43

In addition to autocratic, laissez-faire, democratic, and transformational leadership styles, there are three slightly lesser-known styles: Pacesetting: This leader leads by example and sets a ...

( Chronotype Quiz: Discover Your Sleep Animal | Psych Central
Feb 10th 2024, 13:43

Dr. Breus identified four sleep chronotypes: Bear: This chronotype is the most common and means that your sleep and wake cycle coincides with the sun’s rising and setting. Lion: If you prefer to ...

( Happiness Quiz: How Happy Are You? | Psych Central
Feb 10th 2024, 13:43

enjoying activities. a sense of purpose. financial security. gratitude. positive relationships. Happiness is also highly personalized. One person may feel happy when connecting with others while ...

( Empath Test: Are You an Empath? I Psych Central
Feb 10th 2024, 13:43

If your answer is yes, you could be an empath, or at least partly an empath. People experience empathy to varying degrees. In fact, some people may be incredibly empathetic in some ways but have ...

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