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( APA Condemns Florida's Censorship of High School Psychology Curriculum
Aug 4th 2023, 12:32

Source: ( APA Press ReleasesThe American Psychological Association criticized Florida's decision to allow only high school psychology curricula that exclude content regarding sexual orientation and gender identity after the College Board refused to censor its Advanced Placement Psychology course and AP Psychology Exam. "Requiring what is effectively censored educational material does an enormous disservice to students across Florida," said APA CEO Arthur Evans, PhD.


( Florida Effectively Bans AP Psychology Course, Says College Board
Aug 4th 2023, 12:32

Source: ( Google News - HealthFlorida "effectively banned" Advanced Placement Psychology classes in the state due to the course's content on sexual orientation and gender identity, the College Board said in a statement on Thursday. The state's move to restrict the AP Psychology course comes several months after its decision to block AP African American Studies courses—a decision that was widely condemned by educators and civil rights activists.


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