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( Members in the News – July 28, 2023
Jul 28th 2023, 10:59

( Diane
Elze honored as an NASW Social Work Pioneer
University of BuffaloThe National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has named Diane E.
Elze, PhD, associate professor emeritus in the University at Buffalo School of
Social Work, a “Social Work Pioneer,” one of the profession’s
highest honors. The NASW Social Work Pioneers program honors members of the
social work profession who have contributed to the profession’s evolution and
enrichment. Elze will be inducted on Oct. 14 in Washington, D.C., alongside
other influential social workers, including NAACP co-founder W.E.B. Du Bois,
who will be posthumously recognized for his impact.

Ryan Estes is a member of NASW-NC:( Tillis,
local leaders discuss federal funding needs for school mental health and safety
Port City Daily
Estes added students and teachers were “traumatized” and that would take
a while to subside, even with adequate resources. The chief operating
officer at Coastal Horizons also pushed the importance of competitive pay. “We
don’t have a workforce shortage,” Estes said. “We have a wage shortage, paying
mental health [employees] disproportionate wages to what someone can do in
private therapy. We’re never going to build out an infrastructure if the going
rate for therapy is $150 on the private market and it’s $70 on our Medicaid

Amy Saloner is a member of NASW-CA:( FRHD
presents Wellness Wednesday with a focus on cultivating resilient teens in the
digital age
Village News
Fallbrook Regional Health District announces the latest installment of
its monthly Wellness Wednesday series. This month’s focus is on the important
topic of “Cultivating Resilient Teens in The Digital Age,” presented by Amy
Saloner, LCSW, FNTP, Teen & Family Resilience Coach. Saloner, a
well-known expert on raising resilient teens and young adults, has worked with
children and families for over 30 years as a therapist, educator, speaker,
event producer and coach. Her work has spanned the developmental spectrum from
birth through young adulthood and specializes in raising resilient teens and
young adults.

Melina Brann is Director of Public Policy for NASW-MI:( [Video]
SOS: Michigan’s health care shortage continues
“We are seeing, across the board, that there are a number of vacancies
in social work and behavioral health positions across the state,” said Melina
Brann, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the National Association of Social
Workers. Two different health care services. Both in need of more staff. According
to the report, mental health jobs like psychologists or community health
workers are facing “immense” shortages across the state. “We are seeing longer
wait times because of the need increasing,” said Brann. She said the state
recognizes the need for more social and mental health employees. “Organizations
across the state and even here in Lansing that have been trying to utilize more
recent graduates from social work.”

Marla Velky-Reger is a member of NASW-NYS:(,190019) Area
teens, adults learn about Mental Health First Aid
Rome Daily Sentinel
“We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer this training to our
students and staff,” said Marla Velky-Reger, a licensed clinical social
worker from the Cazenovia Central School district. “Just as first aid/CPR
training can help us in a medical crisis, MHFA teaches people how to recognize
warning signs and how to support someone in a mental health crisis. Our
collaboration with the MCRHC has been a great resource for our district.”

Lisa Wyly is a transitional member of NASW-CA:( Wyly
on mental health: ‘I recognized the need and wanted to be a part of the
Kern Valley Sun
Lisa Wyly is the Kern Valley Health District’s (KVHD) clinical social
work manager, providing mobile and in-person mental health care to the elderly,
teens/school-age children and those suffering from addiction. Wyly is
administering the region’s Quality Incentive Program, a grant program focused
on encouraging preventative health care. Wyly is a newly licensed clinical
social worker (LCSW), having passed her licensure test in May. In this
role, she provides therapy in person and also directs a mobile unit
to schools to provide therapy. 

Lynette Spencer is a member of NASW-IL:( Action
Consulting and Therapy: The power of pausing for mental health
Shaw Local News Network
In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, it’s no surprise that mental
health concerns have become increasingly prevalent. The pressures of work,
school, relationships and social media, to name a few, often can feel
overwhelming, leaving individuals feeling mentally drained and emotionally
exhausted. Amid the constant hustle and bustle of life, taking a moment to
pause and prioritize mental health is of utmost importance.

Deborah Rosenwein is a member of NASW-NJ:( JFSCNJ
Celebrates Holocaust Survivor Day At Springfield’s Congregation Israel
Jewish Link
JFSCNJ Holocaust survivors were joined by staff, community members, and
JFS of MetroWest New Jersey Holocaust Survivors, friends, and staff, to
celebrate Holocaust Survivor Day, Sunday, July 16th at Congregation Israel in
Springfield. Debbie Rosenwein, LCSW, JFSCNJ Director of Holocaust Services,
introduced the history of the Holocaust Survivor Day celebration dating back to
2020, as an initiative to “host events, large and small, to ensure that our
survivors feel loved, cared for and greatly appreciated.”

Gail Quenneville is a member of NASW-OR:( New
book discussion group looks at empathy
Yamhill County’s News-Register
Community members can join a new book and movie discussion group designed to
raise awareness and build empathy for others. Gail Quenneville, a licensed
clinical social worker, leads the group, which meets monthly at the
McMinnville Public Library. She said people don’t have to read the books or see
the movies before joining the group, although reading or viewing will enrich
the discussion.

Kalimah Johnson is a member of NASW-MI:( High-profile
attacks reflect why Black community faces more domestic violence
The Detroit NewsKalimah Johnson, a clinical social worker, founded the SASHA
Center (Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing and Awareness) in Detroit
13 years ago to provide support group services for members of the African
American community that have experienced sexual assault. “A lot of times,
sexual assault goes hand in hand with domestic violence,” Johnson said. “We try
to gather and get Black women together to lower the isolation of being sexually
assaulted or domestically abused.”

Carolyn Kagan is a member
of NASW-CT:( These
Connecticut ‘homesteaders’ grow their own everything
CT InsiderCarolyn Kagan, a clinical social worker, also considers herself a
homesteader. But she’s not looking to cut grocery stores out of her life or
prepping to live like a pioneer. She does have a pleasant home on a
well-manicured plot of land in suburban Stamford where, if you didn’t know it,
you might walk past a veritable produce section. Her family’s house looks like
any other, with a lush yard for the kids, an overactive dog, and two cars in
the driveway.

( News Items – July 21, 2023
Jul 21st 2023, 05:28

S. Ryan Estes is a member of NASW-NC:( [Video]
More than 65,000 people in North Carolina contact 988 lifeline in its first
WECTIn the first year of the new 988 suicide and crisis lifetime, the
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services says more than 65,000
people in the state have reached out looking for help.

Mit Joyner was immediate past president of NASW:( Mildred
“Mit” Joyner, WCU educator and social work advocate, remembered as a pioneer
Daily Local NewsMildred Carter Joyner, the Chester County native who attained
national prominence as a pioneer in social work and as a fierce advocate for
social justice, diversity, and equality in her work as a West Chester
University professor and leader of the National Association of Social Workers,
has died. She was 73. Her death on July 9 was announced by her daughters.

Marc Herstand is executive director of NASW-WI:( Wisconsin’s
licensing agency is getting a budget boost, but much less than the governor
asked for
Wisconsin Public RadioMarc Herstand, who leads Wisconsin’s chapter of the National Association of
Social Workers, said he’s disappointed in lawmakers for not fully funding
the agency’s staffing request. He says more robust staffing would be possible
if the legislature allowed the department to spend its licensing fee revenue on
hiring more employees. 

Scott M. Granet is a member of NASW-CA:( What
is a thirst trap? How to not hate your friends’ vacation photos
USA Today( Scott M.
Granet, licensed clinical social worker at The OCD-BDD Clinic of
Northern California wonders, too: “How many times did somebody ( take a picture to get the right picture? To get the
lighting just right? To get themselves looking in a way that they know is going
to create that ( thirst trap experience for somebody?” Of course,
not everyone feels this way about thirst traps. Some might see a photo of a
friend looking great and feel inspired to take better care of themselves.

Cara Hernandez is a member of NASW-WA:( Young
Professional 2023: Cara Hernandez
Tri-Cities Area Journal of BusinessMid-Columbia Meals on Wheels is a 501(c)(3) that provides meals at no
cost to those who are 60 and over. Eligibility is based solely on age and
residing within our service area. We do not verify income or citizenship
status. We serve meals at eight dining sites throughout Benton and Franklin
counties, as well as provide home delivery to those unable to leave home.

Charlene MacPherson is a member of NASW-MD:( Grumpy
dwarves and 20-sided dice: Therapist uses Dungeons & Dragons to model
The Frederick News-Post
MacPherson’s love of the geeky adventure game has only grown over the
years. But now, she appreciates it for more than the goofiness it can inspire. As
a licensed clinical social worker, she’s been using the tabletop game since
2019 to provide group and individual therapy to autistic people, as well as
people with depression, anxiety and other mental health diagnoses. Through her
work as a certified therapeutic game master based in Linthicum, Maryland,
MacPherson has watched her clients learn how to set firm boundaries, make
healthy friendships, voice their opinions and celebrate what makes them
different — all in an accepting fantasy world where mistakes don’t have scary

Shara Ruffin is a member of NASW-PA:( Shara
Ruffin: The Guiding Light for Aspiring Social Workers
USA Today( Shara
Ruffin shines brightly as a beacon of hope and resilience in a world
teeming with challenges. This licensed clinical social worker has deftly
navigated her personal and professional life, turning trials into triumphs. Today,
she is an inspirational figure for aspiring social workers across the globe. 

Tara Wallace is a member of NASW-KS:( Kansas
students shouldn’t have to fix teachers’ mistakes. Grade problems only scratch
the surface.
Kansas ReflectorFull disclosure: I am a community-based clinical social worker and
trauma therapist in Topeka. When a parent pleads with school administrators
to hold their student back because a .20 gpa is evidence of lack of progress
and is told the next school “has a program to help the student improve,” they
have essentially removed the parent’s hope for focused academic support and
resigned that student to a limited future after high school. Students are not
different “now.” They are what we have as a society created and continue to
create when we fail to do our due diligence as educators and professionals.

( Members in the News – July 14, 2023
Jul 14th 2023, 11:18

Mit Joyner was immediate past president of NASW:( Mildred
Joyner, social work leader, dies at 73
The Philadelphia Tribune
Mildred “Mit” Carter Joyner of West Chester, a tireless community
advocate, social worker and wife of retired federal Judge J. Curtis Joyner,
died on Sunday, July 9, 2023. She was 73. She was affectionately known as “Mit”
and was born on July 21, 1949, to the late Harold and Mildred Carter. “She was
a model of determination, strength, courage and innovation,” said Victor
Manalo, a fellow social worker.

( Psychedelic-assisted
therapy is undergoing a renaissance; we must prepare social workers
The Baltimore Sun
Social workers will likely play an outsized role in realizing the
potential and minimizing the risks of the psychedelic renaissance. According
to SAMHSA, the National Association of Social Workers and the Association of
Social Work Boards, the more than 250,000 clinical social workers within
America’s health and human service systems are the largest group of mental
health providers in the nation — more than psychiatrists, psychologists, and
psychiatric nurses combined.

( Maine
Justice Foundation awards grants to 5 groups
The Sun JournalNASW (National Association of Social Workers) Maine: A grant to
create a training certificate program to be offered for free to behavioral
health clinicians and students across Maine to develop skills in working
collaboratively with families, schools, primary care, and ancillary providers
to better wrap around care for LGBTQ+ individuals.

( What
is gender dysphoria? Answering your questions on Ohio care for trans youth
The Columbus DispatchLiam Strausbaugh, practice associate at the National Association of
Social Workers Ohio Chapter, said most Ohio medical professionals screen
minors questioning their gender for comorbidities such as depression or anxiety
before issuing a diagnosis. 

Molly McLay is a student member of NASW-IL:( Student
debt deprives US of public service workers, researchers say
Illinois NewsroomMolly McLay, a licensed clinical social worker who lives in Urbana,
finished her masters degree in social work in 2011. She worked in public
service as a social worker for more than 7 years, paying down her student debts
with the hope of having the remainder forgiven under the Public Service Loan
Forgiveness program (PSLF). The program isn’t enough to make up for the lack of
compensation in these very valuable fields, she said. 

Leslie Cohen-Rubury is a member of NASW-CT:( [Podcast]
Big Mood Little Mood: Anxious Surrogacy
Danny Lavery welcomes ( Leslie
Cohen-Rubury, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and host of “Is My Child a
Monster?”, a parenting therapy podcast. Lavery and Cohen-Rubury offer
advice to someone who’s parents might interfere with her decision to be a
surrogate mother for her friends. Another letter writer is wondering how to
tell their mom about being abused by their teacher when they were 16. Also, a
listener’s response to the “Fairweather Friend Group” letter.

Erika Brosig is a member of NASW-PA:( After
murder of Johnstown woman, officials urge abuse victims to seek help
The Tribune-Democrat
A variety of circumstances have many people seemingly trapped in
relationships with their abusers, said Erika Brosig, a licensed clinical
social worker and the chief operating officer at Victim Services Inc. in
Cambria and Somerset counties. “We work with domestic violence every day,” she
said. “The patterns that we see exist everywhere, not just in Johnstown. It can
be economic reasons. It can be the fact that they have children together, and
quite frankly it can be manipulation on the part of the offender.”

Andrew Wilson is a member of NASW-LA:( Mental
health experts offer resources after July 4 mass shooting in Shreveport
More than a week ago, hundreds of people were running for their lives
after a gunfight broke out at a Fourth of July party and left four dead and
seven injured. Mental health workers said that kind of experience leaves an
impact. “Intrusive thoughts, re-living the experience, avoidance of that
particular neighborhood and community, nightmares; just a whole array of
things,” said licensed clinical social worker Andrew Wilson.

Michelle Felder is a member of NASW-NYC:( Emotional
intelligence for kids: How to raise a child with a high EQ
“Emotional intelligence is a term used to describe a person’s ability to
understand, interpret, express and ( manage their
own emotions, and to navigate interpersonal relationships with awareness,
empathy and an appreciation for the emotional experiences of others,” says Michelle
Felder, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of ( Parenting

Mary Moonen is a member of NASW-FL:( Woman
Raises Money For Ukraine Through Jewelry Sales In Bradenton
Bradenton Patch
As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, a clinical social worker in
Bradenton is doing what she can to raise money for those living in the
war-torn country. Mary Moonen creates and sells jewelry, sending the
money overseas to Ukrainians who remain in their native country. She often sets
up a table at the Village of the Arts’ monthly art walk on the first Friday and
Saturday of the month, and also takes custom orders.

Cindy Weiser is a member of NASW-AZ:( Ukrainian
refugee couple comes to Phoenix with help of local Jews
Jewish NewsCindy Weiser, a retired psychotherapist and clinical social worker,
has always been drawn to Temple Chai’s social justice work. When she first
heard about the effort to bring Ukrainian refugees to town, she knew she wanted
to be involved. “I’ve missed doing traditional social work and that is why I do
social justice work; helping people and making the world a better place is at
the core,” she said.

( Members in the News – July 7, 2023
Jul 7th 2023, 11:27

Victor Armstrong is a member of NASW-NC:( The
importance of culturally-relevant training in mental health care
For the past nine weeks, WFAE’s series “( Fractured” has been exploring problems with North
Carolina’s mental health system. Inequities in the system include disparities
in access and quality of care. People of color often face barriers when seeking
treatment. We’ve invited ( Vic Armstrong to
discuss this issue. He’s the former director of the Division of Mental
Health for North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services and a
former vice president of Behavioral Health for Atrium Health. Now he’s the
director of ( Soul Shop for Black Churches. It provides
culturally-relevant training for pastors and lay leaders in dealing with

Anthony Estreet is CEO of NASW:( Social
Workers on Frontlines of the National Mental Health Crisis Need Your Support
Future of Personal HealthSocial workers are on the frontlines of this mental health tsunami. Social
work is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States, and ( more than 120,000 social workers work in mental health or
treating people with substance use disorders, according to the Bureau of
Labor Statistics.According to a recent public opinion survey from
Ipsos, ( 1 in 6 Americans say they or a family member have been helped
by a social worker. The most common setting where Americans are meeting
social workers is in mental health, the survey said. And happily, 81% of the
survey respondents said the social worker improved the situation.

( Ohio
city rewrites abortion ban, advocacy groups end lawsuit
The Hamilton Spectator( The
lawsuit by the National Association of Social Workers and the Abortion
Fund of Ohio argued that the law, ( passed
in May 2021, represented an “extraordinarily broad” infringement on the
constitutional rights of due process and free speech. The groups’ lawyers at
the ACLU of Ohio and Democracy Forward further alleged the ban violated Ohio’s
home-rule provisions. The city of Lebanon, in southwest Ohio, opted to revise
the law rather than defend it in court. Enforcement had been placed on hold
while that work took place.

Steven Goings is a member of NASW-CA:( Anti-LGBTQ+
backlash is happening not just somewhere else, but locally. We need to step up.
Monterey County WeeklyIt took longer than I expected, but the anti-LGBTQ+ backlash I
predicted several years ago is undeniably here. As I write this, the Human
Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ rights advocacy group, has just
declared a( national
state of emergencyfor LGBTQ+ Americans. According to the American Civil
Liberties Union, the number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in state
legislatures around the country has increased tenfold in the last five years. A
whopping 491 bills have been introduced in just the first half of 2023.

Katherine Compitus is a member of NASW-NYS:( Vegans
Suffer From Stigma
Psychology TodayPeople who identify as vegan are often severely stigmatized and
may find themselves rejected by mainstream society. Despite a rise in
vegan-identifying celebrities (Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson, Jessica
Chastain), people often have stereotypical ideas about what a vegan looks like
and how a vegan should act. When I asked my class of graduate students who they
picture when I say the word “vegan”, they said “a young, white
woman, a hippie, with great skin who is middle-to-upper class but she is always
feeling angry.” So, we started breaking down these stereotypes, one by

Theresa Nguyen is a member of NASW-CA:( A
step-by-step guide to finding a therapist
And if your finances are tight – say if you’re on Medicaid, or you
selected an insurance plan with a narrower network of doctors to save on
premiums – you may find it’s harder to make an appointment with a new therapist
compared to other health care providers. With all that said, ( Theresa Nguyen, chief
research officer at Mental Health America, says it’s important to consider
your personal fit with a therapist, as well as the cost. “It’s such an
intimate experience. It’s unlike finding any other doctor,” she says.

Kevin Polky is a member of NASW-IL:( Inspiring
815: Therapist educates Stateline schools on suicide awareness
WREXKevin Polky made it his mission to make an impact in the mental
health field close to 30 years ago. Now, he has organizations across the
Stateline, including “Shatter Our Silence,” a philanthropic effort to
educate students, faculty and staff at local schools on suicide
awareness. “So we didn’t know for sure what we needed to do, we just
knew that we needed to raise the awareness and educate individuals on the
factors that lead to young adult suicide,” Polky said. 

Cheri Davies is a member of NASW-NYS:( Congressman
Tonko holds roundtable on Alzheimer’s disease as Baby Boomers age into elder
The Leader-HeraldCheri Davies attended the roundtable and is a caregiver to her
husband, who is in his 50s and is living with Alzheimer’s. She lives with
her husband in Monroe, Orange County. Smith-Boivin said, when she told the
couple that one of the recently approved drugs would cost them $52,000
annually, plus an infusion fee, Davies’ husband broke into tears. “I’m a
licensed clinical social worker in New York. I am very well-informed,” Davies
said, “and the fact is that any other drug you take, you can look at the side
effects and you can make a decision. In this case, we’re now without that. And
every single day that goes by is a day that he gets worse.”

Michele Felder is a member of NASW-NYC:( How to Tell if
Your Partner Is ‘Negging’ You
Negging is harmful and should not be tolerated in a relationship
regardless of how often the behavior occurs, according to ( Michelle
Felder, L.C.S.W., a licensed clinical social worker and the founder and CEO
of Parenting Pathfinders in New York City. “The underlying goal is to
influence a person’s emotions and behavior in a way that makes them feel bad
about themselves, which are hallmarks of emotional abuse,” Felder said

Ken Page is a member of NASW-NYS:( The
Difference Between Introvert & Extrovert Personalities, According To
Mind Body GreenAnd relationship therapist ( Ken Page,
LCSW echoes this point, previously telling mindbodygreen that
while extroverts gain energy from social interaction,
“introverts expend energy in social situations,” adding that
“recharging” by themselves helps them to build that energy back up.

( Members in the News – June 29, 2023
Jun 29th 2023, 15:04

Kanika Henry is a member of NASW-AZ:( ASU
alum helps guide those experiencing traumatic loss
Arizona State UniversityArizona State University alum Kanika Henry knows them all. A
senior crisis intervention specialist who has worked at the Chandler Fire
Department for 16 years, Henry (’05 BSW, ’07 MSW) said a crisis can happen
lightning fast, anytime and anywhere. Intervention specialists may respond to
the same 911 calls as police and fire crews, Henry said, or they might enter
the situation later, by officers’ or firefighters’ request. In addition to
providing emotional support in the moment, the specialist assesses which other
resources will be needed to care for victims in the immediate and long term,
she said.

Mel Wilson is a member of NASW-DC:( Lancaster
city police looking to hire social worker
Lancaster OnlineMel Wilson was on staff with the National Association of Social
Workers for 20 years until he retired about 18 months ago. He now consults
with the association. For most of his time there, he managed its office of
social justice and human rights. He credited Lancaster with adding a second
position and seeking to fill it. “For police it should be two things. One,
certainly to respond to mental health issues in the appropriate way and two, to
really avoid and avert any kinds of encounters that can turn violent … and we
understand that these encounters don’t necessarily have to happen,” Wilson
said. “And so that’s why Lancaster,I think, is buying into it. Also because
it’s a good structure model.”

Brent Metcalf is a member of NASW-TN:( Ready
to talk to your kids about drugs? Here’s what experts recommend.
Yahoo( Brent
Metcalf, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in alcohol
and drug addiction counseling, specifies that parents should talk to their
children about substance abuse no later than age 9, because that’s the age some
kids are introduced to alcohol and drugs. It’s also when the American Academy
of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians ( start screening children for substance abuse.

Lori Osachy is a member of NASW-FL:( Doctor
talks about treatment for anxiety in adults
Have you ever felt like your heart was beating out of its chest? Or
suddenly felt hot and light-headed? You may be experiencing anxiety and it’s
completely normal, according to License Clinical Social Worker Lori Osachy.
“Anxiety is in a lot of ways a healthy emotion. In a lot of ways, it signals
when something is wrong,” Osachy said. What’s not normal is when that anxiety
becomes persistent and lingers. That’s a sign of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
also known as chronic anxiety. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force is
encouraging adults 64 years old and younger – including pregnant and postpartum
mothers – to get tested for it.

NASW-OH chapter is mentioned:( Medical,
social work groups file support in Ohio Supreme Court abortion case
Ohio Capitol JournalThe National Association of Social Workers and its Ohio chapter also
stood behind the abortion providers and against the lawsuit. The group and
its local chapter specifically pointed to “pervasive, complex and interlaced
obstacles that stand in the way of patients” suing to challenge government
interference when seeking an abortion. “Simply put, a decision by this court to
strip providers of their long-recognized standing to challenge restrictive
abortion laws will force many patients to make an impossible choice: bring an
individual lawsuit and risk harm to their privacy interests, safety, financial
stability and mental and physical health, or forgo the ability to vindicate
one’s rights through a trusted medical provider,” the NASW wrote in its brief.

Danielle Smith is executive director of NASW-OH:( Social
workers group lodges concerns over Shaker Citizens for Fair Ticketing charter
In a ( June
9 letter to Mayor David Weiss, the executive director of the National
Association of Social Workers’ Ohio Chapter (NASW) addressed some of the
proposals in the “Charter Amendment to Create a Safer Shaker Heights and
Modernize Public Safety.” Simply put, “social workers are not agents of law
enforcement,” Danielle Smith wrote on behalf of ( NASW Ohio, referring to
passages in the proposed charter amendment that would put social workers, along
with licensed mental health clinicians and medics, on a 35-member “Non-violent
Community Administrators Team (NCAT).”

Susan Reay is a member of NASW-NE:( Five
UNO Projects Aim to Boost Behavioral Health Training through $1.7 Million in
BHECN Funding
University of Nebraska Omaha
Project REST (Reflect and Explore in Supervision Training): Led by Susan
Reay, Ed.D., LICSW. in collaboration with Ellen Rice, MS, Katie Robbins
Case, LICSW, and Michelle Nelson, BGS, College of Public Affairs and Community
Service. This project, through the Grace Abbott Training and Supervision
Academy, will support specialized training for supervisors of mental health
practitioners across the state. Experienced supervisors are critical to the
guidance and development of future behavioral health professionals, yet few
receive adequate training or support. 

David Fawcett is a member of NASW-FL:( What Causes a
Fear of HIV Testing, and How Can You Overcome It?
The Body
While getting tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
should be a normal part of everyone’s sexual wellness routine, it can lead to a
lot of anxiety. Why? Well, there is a ton of stigma that still exists around
HIV (and all STIs). Therapist ( David
Fawcett, Ph.D., LCSW, tells TheBody, “There can be a lot of shame about
risk behaviors in which someone might have engaged. There is still fear about
the implications of a positive test, both for one’s own well-being and that of
someone else.”

Kim Keyes is a member of NASW-NJ:( Pride
Month: The Importance of Hope
TAP Into South Plainfield
In 2022 a ( national survey reported 45% of LGBTQ+ youth
seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. According to Kim
Keyes, a licensed clinical social worker with the(  Babs Siperstein Proud Center, this high
percentage, along with high rates of depression and anxiety within the LGBTQ+
community, has everything to do with feeling hopeless. “It’s often
not the individual that has a problem but the implications of how they interact
with the environment and people around them that causes those feelings of
anxiety, depression and hopelessness,” Keyes said. 

( Members in the News – June 22, 2023
Jun 22nd 2023, 15:17

Mirean Coleman is Director of Clinical Practice for NASW:( How
the field of social work is adapting to modern technologies like virtual
reality, A.I.
What’s more, there’s a role for technology in providing access to
treatment—particularly the use of telehealth services via Zoom or other video
platforms, Mirean Coleman, clinical director at the ( National Association
of Social Workers (NASW), tells Fortune. Cognitive
behavioral therapy software can also expand access to at-home treatment, she
adds. As technology continues to influence and enhance the way social workers
function in their roles, some uncertainty remains. “But all of these things
make you wonder: Where are we headed?” she adds.

Barbara L. Jones is a member of NASW-TX:( Leading
Texas Scholar Is New Dean of BU School of Social Work
Boston University
For ( Barbara
Jones, announced on June 13 as the new dean of BU’s School of Social
Work by Provost Jean Morrison, the timing of her appointment comes at a
critical moment in the social work field: The mental health crisis emerging
after the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more mental health
care and greater access to telehealth; states are struggling to fill social
worker openings; and the US Department of Education has ( increased funding to create and fill more social
worker positions in K-12 schools. 

Arlene B. Englander is a member of NASW-FL:( 5
Things You Should Never Put in a Sympathy Card, Etiquette Experts Say
Best Life
Whether it’s a mother, father, brother, sister, or other family member,
most of us have lost someone at some point in our lives. But it’s also
important to remember that “everyone’s relatives, relationships, and
feelings of loss are unique,” as Arlene B. Englander, LCSW,
a ( licensed
psychotherapist who has experience working with grief, reminds. “Don’t
presume to know ‘exactly’ what anyone is feeling,” she says.

Jennifer Genovese is a member of NASW-NYS:( 5
Lesser-Known Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship
Everyday Health
In fact, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, financial
abuse, harassment, and ( stalking all fall under the umbrella of domestic
violence, says ( Jennifer
C. Genovese, PhD, a licensed clinical social worker and assistant
teaching professor in the school of social work at Syracuse University’s Falk
College in New York. Signs of these kinds of abuse aren’t always easily
detected by people outside the relationship, and are even harder to recognize
for those experiencing them.

Kasandra Dodd is a member of NASW-GA:( Trafficking
rumors spread like wildfire on TikTok, here’s how to stay safe
WUGAKasandra Dodd is a licensed clinical social worker and a doctoral
student in the School of Social Work. She worked for 16 years in child
welfare in Washington, DC. Many of her clients were teen moms – and victims of
sex traffickers. She agrees with Schroeder. Sex traffickers are not stalking
Target stores or tagging young women’s cars. “That’s not real. And I worked
with all clients throughout my 16-year career, but predominantly with, young
girls who were being trafficked. That was never the case in my experience for
any of them. How they came into, we call it, when they came into the life, when
they became victims, survivors of trafficking. “

Nicole Campolucci is a member of NASW-UT:( Salt
Lake City downtown library’s new social worker has already helped thousands
The Salt Lake Tribune
A public library is one of the last few free places a person can go, and
that meansthey often attract people who can’t afford to go
anywhere else. That doesn’t mean libraries are always best equipped to help the
people who show up. And Salt Lake City Public Library staff, over the last
several years, began to notice this gap. That’s where Nicole Campolucci
comes in. The library hired Campolucci in December as its first licensed
clinical social worker, with the official title of social services coordinator.

Sierra McNeil is president-elect of NASW-PA; Tim Seip is
legislative chair for NASW-PA:( Social
Workers Rally for Mental Health and Workforce Funding
“I’m a proud social worker,” said Sierra McNeil, President-elect
of the National Association of Social Workers Pennsylvania Chapter (NASW-PA).
“Social workers are some of the most educated and highly trained professionals,
and it is not easy, nor is it inexpensive to become a social worker,” she
added. McNeil says demand for social workers is very high, but the road to
becoming one is challenging. … “We keep taking training dollars and
then retraining new workers that have to replace them because of turnover in
our human service workforce,” said Tim Seip, The Legislative Chair of NASW
PA and a former state representative.

Elizabeth Dosoretz is a member of NASW-FL:( Guest
Commentary: Weather-related PTSD growing concern months after Ian
Pine Island Eagle
Nearly nine months after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, and
with the 2023 hurricane season upon is, we reflect on the mental health impacts
for those still recovering from the devastation of fall 2022. If you’ve lived
through a hurricane — especially one with the intensity of Hurricane Ian — it’s
common to feel traumatized, fearful and vulnerable in its aftermath. Even a
half-year after the storm, many survivors are still working to process and move
beyond their traumatic experiences.

Melisa Celikoyar is a member of NASW-NYS:( Opinion:
Wilderness Therapy Offers Benefits to Patients With Cancer
Oncology Nursing NewsIndividuals with cancer are among a subset population of those who
may benefit from wilderness therapy programs. Settings such as camps,
retreats, and day programs have made the wilderness more accessible for
patients with cancer. These settings promote many benefits to patients
throughout recovery from a cancer diagnosis. Some of these benefits include
social involvement and support, opportunities to build self-esteem,
self-confidence, self-efficacy, as well as physical activity.

Lacey Branker is a
member of NASW-TX:( Lake
Travis-Westlake area ISDs make mental health care accessible for students
Community Impact
“This is a systemic issue,” said Lacey Branker, a licensed clinical
social worker at Lake Travis High School. “Schools in Texas really have an
opportunity because you have such a large platform, and you have access to
these students to really be able to create programs in schools that enable us
to provide a more simplified version of support across the board to help
students.” Branker said she believes stigma is also a huge component of why
accessibility to mental health care in Texas is limited as well as a lack of
mental health providers.

( Members in the News – June 15, 2023
Jun 15th 2023, 14:43

Chris McLaughlin is executive director of NASW-ME:( Commentary:
In Maine and nationwide, allyship during Pride Month has to be a serious
Portland Press Herald
Social workers across Maine are fierce advocates for inclusivity,
equality and social justice. These tenets are such major components of our work
that they are part of the social work ( code
of ethics, the guiding principles and standards by which all social workers
must practice. As executive director of the Maine Chapter of the National
Association of Social Workers, I want to wish my fellow social workers and
other colleagues around Maine a happy Pride Month.

Kelly Smith is a member of NASW-TX:( Covenant
Health Partners evaluates mental health opportunities on South Plains Honor
 As the ( Texas South Plains Honor Flight evaluates the 2023
flight and prepares for next year, that may include more mental health
resources thanks to a collaboration with Covenant Health Partners. “Part of the
reason that I’m here is just to observe the Honor Flight itself, the way it’s
run and learn what Covenant Health Partners and the Honor Flight might
be able to do together in partnership in the future, whether it’s embedding
mental health professionals on the flight or participating in activities, back
in Lubbock, to help these guys and forward the cause of the Honor Flight,” Kelly
Smith said.

Valentina Muggia is a member of NASW-OR:( Professionals
lauded for response to mental health crisis in Oregon City
Oregon City News
In March 2022, several Oregon City officers responded to the McLoughlin
Promenade above Highway 99E after a man called 911 to report that he had cut
his wrists and intended to jump off the bluff. OCPD’s Behavioral Health
Specialist Valentina Muggia and Detective Jon Neece, who is also a member
of the Clackamas County Interagency Crisis Negotiation Team, both responded to
the scene and began speaking with the suicidal man.

Leora Botnick is a member of NASW-NYC:( Upper
West Side Hosts Fifth Annual ‘Smash the Stigma’ Program on Mental Illness
Jewish Link
With respect to the types of steps that communities can take to address
mental health issues, Silton specifically referenced Galim (Grab a Lifeline in
Manhattan), which is made up of a group of mental health professionals. Founded
by Leora Botnick, a licensed clinical social worker, after she attended
the first annual Smash the Stigma event, Galim was formed to address the Upper
West Side Community’s mental health needs.

Caitlin Cantor is a member of NASW-NJ:( 3
Ways You’re Ruining Your Relationship
Psychology Today
The good news is that you have a lot of agency over how your
relationships feel and how healthy they are, once you learn the relational
skills you need. Then, you’re not dependent on others or the universe to
improve your relationships; you’re not helpless and things aren’t hopeless. The
more healthy relational skills you learn and practice, the more you can create
relationships that feel deeply connected, nourishing, reciprocal, and secure. 

Ryan Estes is a member of NASW-NC, and treasurer on the
NASW-NC board:( UNC
Chapel Hill launches statewide mental health program
“It’s a generational thing that we see in younger individuals, they’re
much more comfortable talking about their mental health needs and being in a
crisis. I would like to think that yes, we’ve broken or shattered that stigma
around suicidality and mental health. I think there’s still a little bit more
work to go but we’re definitely in a different place than we were,” said Ryan
Estes, chief operations officer for Coastal Horizons.

Michelle Bates is a member of NASW-NC:( The
Fayetteville Observer’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2023: Meet Dr. Michelle E. Bates
The Fayetteville ObserverDr. Michelle E. Bates, 36, of Spring Lake, is the field education
director for the Master of Social Work program at Fayetteville State University.
She was nominated for 40 Under 40 because of her “passion and love for
social work within her community, amongst her students, colleagues, friends,
and family. With over 13 years of experience in the social work profession, she
continues to excel while also remaining humble,” a nominator writes.

Brenda Rosen is executive director of NASW-KY:( The
KY Roadshow is Coming to Owensboro Next Month
WSIUBrenda Rosen, the executive director of the National Association of
Social Workers of Kentucky, said social workers especially can benefit from
getting up to speed on available resources. “The goals are to bring to
regions across the state,” said Rosen, “an opportunity to learn more
about updated policies’ impact on everything from housing and food insecurity
to talking about the importance of mental health.”

( Members in the News – June 8, 2023
Jun 8th 2023, 14:59

Meagan Crews is a member of NASW-NC:( Jackson
education leaders update public on newly implemented school-based mental health
program ‘Project AWARE’
The Southern Scoop
At the May regular meeting of the Jackson County Board of Education, Meagan
Crews, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health for Jackson County Public Schools,
gave an update on Project AWARE. In September 2021, Jackson County was selected
as one of six school systems in the state to serve as a pilot site for Project

Elizabeth Dosoretz is a member of NASW-FL:( Guest
Commentary: Weather-related PTSD a growing concern months after Hurricane Ian
Cape Coral Breeze
Seven months after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, and with the
2023 hurricane season looming, we reflect on the mental health impacts for
those still recovering from the devastation of fall 2022. If you’ve lived
through a hurricane — especially one with the intensity of Hurricane Ian — it’s
common to feel traumatized, fearful and vulnerable in its aftermath. Even a
half-year after the storm, many survivors are still working to process and move
beyond their traumatic experiences.

Jude Vereyken is a member of NASW-MI:( Jude
Vereyken: Bad news in the news just keeps on a comin’
Holland Sentinel
It just keeps on keeping on a comin’ … more violence, more shootings,
more deadly storms, more war devastation, more train wrecks, more horrendous
fires with more pain and suffering unfolding as we watch, read, scroll
through it all yet one-a-more-a time and time and time again! I don’t know
about you but some moments my heart just can’t bare another gruesome story …
another horrendous reality. It all gets to be just too much.

Tracy Fooks is a member of NASW-NJ:( Fooks
Named Administrator At Angelic Health Hospice Care
SNJ TodayTracy Fooks, MSW, LCSW, has been named the administrator for the
West Atlantic City office of Angelic Health Hospice Care. In this position,
Fooks oversees day-to-day functioning of the office which covers Atlantic, Cape
May, and Cumberland counites. She works collaboratively with the hospice team
to ensure they offer excellent services to patients and their families. Fooks
has 38 years of healthcare experience and held a previous role as director of
professional services at Angelic Health. 

Javier Alvarado is a member of NASW-PA:( Intercultural
Family Services plans to scale up services and increase visibility under newly
appointed CEO
The Philadelphia Inquirer
He has only been in the top spot for two weeks, but one of the things Javier
Alvarado plans to do is raise the profile of Intercultural Family Services,
Inc. (IFS). For almost 50 years this West Philadelphia-based institution
has quietly been on the front line of providing supportive services, especially
mental health, for thousands of families.

Christine Ranck is a member of NASW-TN:( Brainspotting:
The Therapy Technique To Try If Your Body Keeps The Score
Once you’ve located your brainspot, the real work happens. Licensed
clinical social worker and brainspotting therapist and trainer ( Dr.
Christine Ranck explains
that a brainspotting practitioner will then ask you to stay focused on the
brainspot, where you hold your gaze in the location that triggers the emotional
and physical reaction. They’ll talk to you about what you’re feeling until the
discomfort subsides and you feel lighter and more at peace.

Lisa Gilman is a member of NASW-NYS:( Finding
the Right Words at a Time of Loss
Next Avenue
“People do well with general statements, like ‘Grief and loss are
so hard’ or ‘Death can be so difficult to make sense of,'” says Lisa
Gilman, licensed clinical social worker and board-certified diplomate in New
York. Knowing that we are not the only ones who have lost someone can
bring solace. But Gilman says most people don’t want to hear about others’
losses while they are in the midst of their own. “If you want to express
empathy, simply stating that you know how hard it can be to lose someone can go
a long way.”

Kendra Capalbo is a
member of NASW-CT:( Working
With Criminals and Inmates Took a Toll on My Love Life, Says Former Prison
New Quay VoiceKendra Capalbo, a former clinical social worker who spent 15
years working in a maximum-security prison, has revealed how her job completely
devastated her love life. In her role, the 46-year-old performed mental health
assessments for inmates, including murderers, rapists, and criminals. Dealing
with these dangerous individuals on a daily basis had a disastrous impact on
Kendra’s romantic relationships.

( Members in the News – June 1, 2023
Jun 1st 2023, 14:52

NASW-MS is involved in this effort:( NLIHC
Releases Case Studies Highlighting Successes of Five ERASE Cohort Members
National Low Income Housing Coalition
NLIHC released today a set of case studies highlighting the successes of
five members of the 2021-2022 End Rental Arrears to Stop Evictions (ERASE)
cohort: Connecticut Fair Housing Coalition, Idaho Asset Building Network,
Prosperity Indiana, Keep Detroiters in the Their Homes Coalition, and Hope
Policy Institute & Mississippi NAACP. The case studies overview the
activities undertaken by cohort members to ensure that emergency rental
assistance (ERA) was visible and accessible to the lowest-income households in
their communities and that ERA succeeded in preventing displacement. 

Kara Carter and Mercedes Bern-Klug are members of NASW-IA:( A
new mindset on mental health
University of IowaWhen Kara Carter started out as a practitioner of social work in
southern Colorado, she quickly found that her expertise in mental health
was badly needed—not just by the hospice agency that hired her, but by the
community she lived in. “I was probably one of the few licensed
professionals in the county, and I’d be asked to speak with children who were
going through various tragedies or to a youth club that had lost a student or
to start a support group for parents who have lost children. And I found myself
feeling ill-equipped,” says Carter, now a fourth-year doctoral student in
social work at Iowa.

Yvonne Chase is president-elect of NASW:( 4
things to know about a master’s degree in social work
The master’s degree is the universal standard for advanced social work
practice says Yvonne Chase, president-elect of the board of directors for
the ( National Association of
Social Workers. She’s also an associate professor at the University of
Alaska-Anchorage. “The MSW does open the doors to many other things—you can go
into private practice, you can work in the government systems,” Chase
tells Fortune. “It’s the MSW that you actually need to move forward
and that gives you the flexibility to move into all these various specialty

Yvonne Chase is president-elect of NASW:( When
should social workers separate families? A federal lawsuit raises thorny
The Telegraph
But social workers aren’t out to get children; they’re trying to protect
them, said Yvonne Chase, president-elect of the National Association of
Social Workers. When a hospital, school, neighbor or older child reports
mistreatment, social workers apply a risk assessment to determine how agencies
should respond, she said. “The child protective agency doesn’t create the
reports of harm. Somebody calls us,” said Chase, a former head of child
protective agencies in Alaska and Washington. “If a child is being seriously
abused, they may be very happy to see that some relief is coming.”

( You can be a
mental health advocate
The Uptake
Many therapists are involved in activism and advocacy. In fact, the ( National
Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics states: “Social
workers pursue social change, particularly with and on behalf of vulnerable and
oppressed individuals and groups of people. Social workers’ social change
efforts are focused primarily on issues of poverty, unemployment,
discrimination, and other forms of social injustice. These activities seek to
promote sensitivity to and knowledge about oppression and cultural and ethnic
diversity. Social workers strive to ensure access to needed information,
services, and resources; equality of opportunity; and meaningful participation
in decision making for all people.”

Viola Vaughan-Eden is a member of NASW-VA:( VCU
School of Social Work alum Viola Vaughan-Eden honored by Capitol Hill advocacy
Virginia Commonwealth University( Viola Vaughan-Eden, a
Ph.D. alum of ( Virginia Commonwealth
University’s School of Social Work, has been earning national acclaim
for more than a decade as an educator, researcher and advocate focusing on
child maltreatment. The recognition continued this spring as the Congressional
Research Institute for Social Work and Policy honored her as its 2023
Outstanding Individual in Academia. CRISP advocates for the social work
profession with federal policymakers, and Vaughan-Eden has appeared twice on
Capitol Hill as a panelist for congressional briefings. 

Phelica Glass is a member of NASW-KS:( [Video]
Knowing how to find mental health resources
WIBWLicensed Clinical Social Worker Phelica Glass joined Eye on
Northeast Kansas to talk about mental health resources, and knowing how to find
assessment tests to help determine what you or a loved one might be struggling
with. Self-assessment tests can be found at (
Phelica Glass also has many resources available on the website for her Topeka
practice, (,1,7QHJDHs_yv3HO-LFTNhATJim3mcMjeY2KdVq76jgjM96_H3VT0YZHg1WR5uVmItVzywNDEoMB1yXT_cBS2idZbUN8qYaQz1lZnzqmuyPKuMlTUyIosI_&typo=1)

Angela Melzer is a member of NASW-CO:( Biofeedback
provides tool to move through trauma, life disruptions
Steamboat Pilot & Today
“Jane is a great addition because people who don’t want to directly
address psychological issues or who are wanting to focus more on physical symptoms
of anxiety or trauma, this is a different and more concrete way to address
anxiety,” said Angela Melzer, a licensed clinical social worker and owner of
Minds of Motion. “Oftentimes if people can start to see they can control
their body sensations or feel empowered in what they can do, they are more
willing to address underlying causes of anxiety or do deeper work.”

Amy Calmann is a member of NASW-NYC:( A
Mental Health Expert Explains What It Means To Receive A Dual Diagnosis
Health Digest
Having two mental health disorders at once is called a dual diagnosis,
says licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Amy Calmann.
“One example of dual diagnosis would be someone with bipolar disorder who
is dependent on alcohol,” she said. “Another example is someone with
depression who is reliant on opioids like heroin, or on the synthetic opioid
prescription medication, Fentanyl.” She says it’s a challenge to know for
sure if one condition caused another.

Jennifer Kelman is a member of NASW-FL:( Limiting
teens’ social media feels impossible. But we have to try.
The Washington Post
The fact is, say experts and parents alike, when teens are given
boundaries around phones, they feel relief. “If kids really sat there and took
stock of how they feel when they’re on their devices, they would notice a drop
in feeling good about themselves,” says ( Jennifer Kelman, a
mental health expert with ( Just Answer, and clinical social worker specializing in
children’s mental health. “We all think our kids don’t want discipline and
boundaries, but they do. … If we just let them have free rein, they feel out
of control.”

Richard Brouillette is a member of NASW-CA:( 2
Ways AI Fails at Therapy, and Why You Should Care
Psychology Today
As a therapist, I have watched this conflict in mental health heating
up: Can AI be a good therapist? I suggest that the answer, as with
screenwriting, comes back to two fundamental human traits which cannot be
simulated by a digital mind: ( creativity and empathy. These
two traits offer a useful frame for the AI debate: AI lacks creativity and
empathy since it can only ever rearrange the information it can access, in
ways that may feel real, but quickly turn lifeless and unhelpful.

( Members in the News – May 25, 2023
May 25th 2023, 14:18

News Items – May 25, 2023

Carmen Reese Foster is a member of NASW-TN:( Lack
of empathy: Growing anxiety and depression follows wave of activism for Black
social workers
Milwaukee Independent
Since the 2020 racial reckoning, social workers have prided ourselves on
working to eliminate social justice disparities. “Eliminating Racism,” for
instance, became an official grand challenge of social work in 2020. For its
part, the National Association of Social Workers published two volumes of
“Undoing Racism in Social Work.” In addition, the Council of Social Work
Education’s, anti-racism standards became a part of the 2022 Educational Policy
and Accreditation Standards. But as a profession, the use of terms such as
anti-racism in book titles and standards alone means very little if Black
social workers reported that they still feel neglected by their white

Releases Case Studies Highlighting Successes of Five ERASE Cohort Members
National Low Income Housing Coalition
NLIHC released today a set of case studies highlighting the successes of five
members of the 2021-2022 End Rental Arrears to Stop Evictions (ERASE) cohort:
Connecticut Fair Housing Coalition, Idaho Asset Building Network, Prosperity
Indiana, Keep Detroiters in the Their Homes Coalition, and Hope Policy
Institute & Mississippi NAACP. The case studies overview the activities
undertaken by cohort members to ensure that emergency rental assistance
(ERA) was visible and accessible to the lowest-income households in their
communities and that ERA succeeded in preventing displacement. 

Olivia Knox is policy coordinator for NASW-NYS:( Money
to fight mental health crisis coming: Will it help?
Finger Lakes One
Along with $60 million to improve youth mental health services, the
budget includes $1 billion to grow the state’s capacity for inpatient
psychiatric treatment. Additionally, the funding will expand outpatient
services and boost insurance coverage. Not every proposed provision made it to
the final budget. Olivia Knox, New York State chapter policy coordinator for
the National Association of Social Workers, said one dropped provision was
payment parity for telehealth services.

Becky Wiseman is a member of NASW-NYS:( New
York FarmNet cultivates stability for farming families
Cornell Chronicle
Farmers will often call FarmNet with a financial problem, but a personal
or family issue will quickly emerge as the real issue, says Becky Wiseman, a
FarmNet family consultant. “So I ask a couple of questions. ‘How are things
between you? Is there anything that has happened in the past?’” says Wiseman, a
licensed clinical social worker who has worked with farmers on Long Island for
30 years. “Then sometimes things tumble out. ‘Well, my daughter is really
sick.’ Or ‘We just lost Grandpa.’ Or ‘Uncle Roy, he died from suicide.’

Lauren Norford is a member of NASW-VT:( Norford:
Help available for parent mental health concerns, pregnancy and post-partum
Vermont Biz
While many parents have challenges with adjusting to pregnancy or the
postpartum period, some parents have more difficulty than usual. Perinatal
mood and anxiety disorders affect 1 in 7 parents, with an even higher
prevalence for parents of color. Mental health challenges and disorders are the
most common complication of pregnancy. One in ten fathers also experience pre-
or postpartum depression or anxiety.

Angela Amias is a member of NASW-WY:( The
Pro Love Movement: New Hope for Loneliness and Frayed Social Ties
Financial ContentAlchemy of Love was cofounded by Angela Amias, LCSW, and Daniel
Boscaljon PhD with the mission to bring more love into the world, one
relationship at a time. Alchemy of Love provides trauma-informed relationship
programs and services to individuals and couples, as well as training programs
for therapists and relationship coaches. For more on the Pro Love Movement,
including shareable graphics and a free guide to improving relationships,
visit (

Lori Osachy is a member of NASW-FL:( Teens
use of social media could cause mental health issues
“I am already seeing the consequences in my practice. We see kids in
more trouble socially, more trouble connecting in person,” local licensed
clinical social worker Lori Osachy said. “They have a lot of social anxiety
because they haven’t practiced as much a face-to-face interaction and sometimes
the connecting social media can be beneficial and help them in a different
way.” Osachy is seeing the outcome of excessive use in some of her patients.

Deena Patel is a member of NASW-GA:( The
pandemic forced this mom to face her alcohol abuse. Here’s how she got sober
“When you have traumatic experiences, like abuse or neglect, where you
don’t feel like you can connect with people in a safe way, what’s your alternative?”
Deena Patel, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in trauma and
addiction, tells “One is the substance. About 90% people I
work with who have a substance use disorder or process addiction have

Santiago Delboy is a member of NASW-IL:( Should
I See a Male or Female Therapist?
Psychology Today
Therapists—old or young, male or female, psychodynamic or
cognitive-behavioral—generally agree: The strongest predictor of whether
therapy helps someone is not the therapist’s gender, nor the client’s. It’s the
connection that therapist and client create—the therapeutic alliance—that is
built on empathy, acceptance, and mutual respect. “These are qualities that go
beyond gender,” observes Santiago Delboy, a clinical social worker in

( Members in the News – May 18, 2023
May 18th 2023, 14:37

( Villa
pushes to increase social worker diversity in the workforce
Illinois Senate Democrats
Following findings of testing bias in social worker licensure exams,
State Senator Karina Villa moved a bill out of the Senate Licensed Activities
Committee on Wednesday to provide social workers who are minorities another,
more equitable avenue for obtaining a license. “Social workers are the largest
group of mental health care providers in the United States, and their
dedication makes our communities a better place to live in,” said Villa (D-West
Chicago). “Those who wish to become social workers should not feel
discriminated against in the process of obtaining their license and
beginning their career.”

( Downtown
rally opposes abortion restrictions
Watauga Democrat
More than 100 people gathered on Howard Street in downtown Boone to
rally against Senate Bill 20 on Sunday, May 14. The rally, organized by the North
Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and
supported by the Appalachian Abortion Support Collective, aimed to inform the
community of the potential ramifications of the bill. If passed, Senate Bill 20
would not allow abortions after 12 weeks for a typical pregnancy, 20 weeks in
some cases of rape or incest and 24 weeks for life-limiting fetal anomalies
that are “uniformly diagnosable,” according to the North Carolina General

Danielle Smith is executive director of NASW-OH:( ‘If
Kids Aren’t Telling Their Parents, There is a Reason’: Opponents Testify
Against Ohio Bill That Would Out LGBTQ+ Students to Parents
“It is not the goal of school personnel to keep information from
parents. In fact, it is the opposite, as we know that parental support is one
of the primary ways that youth mental health is improved.” —Danielle Smith,
National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter.

Bryan Mares is government relations director for NASW-TX:( Texas
schools say it’s time to stop tying mental health funding to school safety
KSATBryan Mares, government relations director for the ( Texas chapter of the National Association of
Social Workers, agreed. “Safety really does extend beyond a bulletproof
door or armed school officers. It’s about a student feeling secure and
surrounded by caring adults and healthy peers,” he said. Mental health
advocates and school leaders say school mental health should have its own
funding but it has been connected to school safety measures because of mass

Brenda Rosen is executive director of NASW-KY:( KY
Road Show Highlights Programs that Improve Community Well-Being
Public News ServiceBrenda Rosen, the executive director of the National Association of
Social Workers of Kentucky, said social workers especially can benefit from
getting up to speed on available resources. “The goals are to bring to
regions across the state,” said Rosen, “an opportunity to learn more
about updated policies’ impact on everything from housing and food insecurity
to talking about the importance of mental health.”

Norma Reggev is a member of NASW-CA:( [Video] Conservative
Management for Kidney Failure
YouTube/UC San Diego HealthUC San Diego Health Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Norma Reggev
and UCSD Nephrologist/Palliative Care physician Dr. Tamara Rubenzik, discuss
conservative kidney management as an option for patients with advanced kidney

Alyse Freda-Colon is a member of NASW-NYS:( So You Just Got
Ghosted—Here’s How To Deal, According To Therapists
Style Caster
“Getting ghosted in dating happens all the time,”
says ( Alyse
Freda-Colon, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach.
“People ghost primarily to avoid having an uncomfortable conversation.
Sometimes they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by telling them they don’t
want to continue the relationship, so they take the path of least resistance
and just stop communicating.” 

Jennifer Rosvally is a member of NASW-NYS:( “‘Do
Not Disturb’ Means Leave Me Alone”: Employee Sends Out An Angry Email To
Colleague Who Keeps Contacting Them Even When Unavailable
Bored Panda
Now, to get a more professional outlook on this situation, Bored
Panda decided to reach out to ( Jennifer Rosvally, a licensed clinical social
worker in New York City. Jennifer has been in practice since 1978; she sees
adults in private practice, using individual, couples, and group therapy! First
things first, the expert said: “Work relationships are challenging because they
are not relationships that we choose to have. They are thrust upon us.
Difficult coworkers happen all the time. Personality clashes are very common.”

Michelle Felder is a member of NASW-NYC:( What is a
highly sensitive child?: The signs and how to help an HSC
With that said, ( Michelle
Felder, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of Parenting
Pathfinders, adds that it’s important to note that being highly sensitive
is not a disorder and cannot be diagnosed. However, if you want to know if your
child is highly sensitive, there is a ( highly sensitive
child test created by Elaine Aaron that parents can answer regarding
their child. 

Constance McCashin Weisman is a member of NASW-MA:( ‘Knots
Landing’ Ended 30 Years Ago: What the Cast Did After Leaving the Cul-de-Sac
TV InsiderConstance McCashin (Laura Avery): McCashin made a few more screen
appearances after her Knots departure, starring in the 1988 TV
movie Nightmare at Bittercreek and the 1999 movie The
Out-of-Towners, for example. Now she’s a licensed independent clinical
social worker who works in cognitive behavioral therapy, according to ( her

( [Video]
One on One with Constance McCashin
YouTube/The Locher Room
Constance [McCashin] will be here to look back at her career as an
actress and tell us about the work she is currently doing today as a
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Constance rose to fame at an
early age on The Howdy Doody Show, but her parents squashed her early career so
she could have a normal childhood. 25 years later she was living in that famous
cul de sac on the CBS primetime series Knots Landing where she played Laura
Avery for nine years. She also spent two seasons on Brooklyn Bridge. After days
on the set of Brooklyn Bridge, Constance got her master’s in psychology at
night. She relocated to Boston, MA where she obtained a master’s in social work
from Simmons College. From there she went on to work in the counseling center
at Brandeis University, while simultaneously teaching in their theater
department. The melding of these two worlds has resulted in a skill set she
could not have planned for.

Matthew Braman is a member of NASW-MD:( 3 Things to Do If
You’re a Guy Who Has No Idea How to Start Therapy
These findings are part of a ( growing
body of ( research exploring
why more men don’t go to therapy and how they can change that—for the good of
their own well-being and the people around them. “Finding a therapist who’s the
right fit and can provide guys with the gender-specific care and mental health
treatment that they deserve can mean so much for them, their families, and our
communities,” ( Matthew Braman, LCSW, a Baltimore-based therapist and
founder of ( Verve
Psychotherapy, an online practice that serves men and their partners,
tells SELF. 

Tamika Hill is a member of NASW-IL:( Tamika
Hill, MSW, LCSW, Shares Alarming Youth Violence Statistics and Strategies for
Curbing These Trends
BenzingaTamika Hill, MSW, LCSW, founder of ( T. Hill Consultant, LLC and
Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner, is sharing strategies for
overcoming high rates of youth violence across the country. Statistics
from indicate that one in five high school students have
been bullied at school over the past year. Data also finds that homicide is the
third leading cause of death in young people ages 10-24.

Crystal Hamilton is a member of NASW-GA:( Mental
health looks different for everyone: the Asian American perspective
The Red & BlackCrystal Hamilton, a licensed clinical social worker and instructor at
UGA, identifies as Scottish American and Filipino, and also holds a unique
perspective on mental health based on her background. Hamilton brings up
the ( “model minority” myth in relation to Asian Americans
mental health. This myth is “a cultural expectation that their demographic will
achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success,” according to NAMI. Hamilton
said that Asian Americans can experience mental health differently because of
this and the cultural aspect.

( Members in the News – May 11, 2023
May 11th 2023, 14:26

Patricia Saleeby is a member of NASW-IL:( A
Bradley University professor recently spoke at the United Nations. Here’s what
she talked about
For many years, I’ve worked as a disability advocate. And for 25
years now, I have been a consultant working on projects related to promoting
international classifications with the WHO, the World Health Organization. So
this year, I was very excited when they announced that they will be focusing on
a disability topic here at the UN. So I was honored to be invited as a keynote
speaker to talk a little bit about what I have done over the last 25 years with
promoting those international classifications.

Talia Filippelli is a member of NASW-NJ:( Elevate
Your Parenting
Psychology TodayThe theory of emotional ( intelligence (EQ)
was introduced by Peter Salovey and John Mayer in the 1990s, and advanced and
brought to the general public through Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book, Emotional
Intelligence. Since then, consistent studies have confirmed the importance
and value of these skills, especially when taught during early ( childhood, although they remain
a challenge to conclusively measure.

Courtney Glashow is a member of NASW-NJ:( Therapists
Share How To Heal After Dating Someone With Sociopathic Tendencies
Well & Good
After all, “an individual must meet three or more of the [above]
criteria for antisocial personality disorder in order to receive a diagnosis,”
explains psychotherapist ( Courtney
Glashow, LCSW, founder of ( Anchor Therapy LLC.
Thus, it’s possible for someone to consistently have a few sociopathic traits
without having the diagnosable condition. Someone with sociopathic tendencies
might, for instance, lack empathy for others, but still be a law-abiding,
job-holding individual, she says.

Lydia Crafts is a member of NASW-ME:( Sounding
the Alarm: Lawmakers
Like many Mainers, the horrors of drug addiction have personally
impacted lawmakers. Representative Lydia Crafts’ own connection to the issue,
along with her work as a licensed clinical social worker, have driven her to
draft what she calls a public health response to substance use disorder. She
says the state is woefully ill-equipped to deal with the rising need for
treatment and recovery services.

Beck Beck is a member of NASW-MO:( ‘Telemental
health’: Technology boosts mental health care in the US and India
St. Louis Post-DispatchMeanwhile Becky Beck, a licensed clinical social worker who works
with the Columbia nonprofit DeafLEAD, has some reservations about using
technology for mental health. Beck, whose employer offers services to people
with hearing loss, has long strived to make mental health support more
accessible. To her, this doesn’t just mean having it available in-person and
online; it also means ensuring her clients and anyone else can use the

Khadijah Tillman is a member of NASW-NYS:( Doctors
and social workers raise awareness of mental health services in Rochester
It’s a task that licensed clinical social worker and owner of Sankofa
Family Counseling Services, Khadijah Tillman, faces head-on every day. “Finding
therapists and mental health providers that have that specialty in providing
children’s mental health services, as well as working holistically with the
entire family, and also providers that are open to accepting Medicaid
reimbursement for payments,” Tillman said.

Reese Druckenmiller is a member of NASW-MN:( Navigating
ADHD in adulthood
Mayo Clinic
In my practice, I spend quite a bit of time explaining to children what
it means to have ADHD. During this process, parents often comment that the
disorder’s symptoms sound like their feelings or actions, but they haven’t been
diagnosed with ADHD. This is probable because if a ( child has ADHD, there is a
strong likelihood that a parent also has ADHD. The exact cause of ADHD is
still unclear, but there is a strong genetic component.

Christine Kotlarski is a member of NASW-FL:( A
Psychotherapist’s Recommended Tools For Self-Care
Health Digest
Self-care is an important part of maintaining our overall health and
wellness. “Self-care is not selfish,” says Christine Kotlarski,
LCSW, psychotherapist, and founder of High Note Counseling, as she jumps
into her exclusive interview with Health Digest. However, this mindset can be
difficult for patients to let go of. “This is the most common obstacle I
come across when encouraging clients to take the time to focus on
self-care,” she says. “Especially parents, [who] seem to struggle
with this false belief.”

( Seeking
Payment for Social Work Internships
Inside Higher Ed
Within the larger social work field, sentiments are divided over paying
students in training. The Texas chapter of the National Association of
Social Workers has spoken out in favor of paid placements, for example, but
the Council on Social Work Education—the accreditor for social work
programs—argued against them in a ( 2022 statement. “During these courses, students do not yet
meet the job-related training, competency, and educational requirements of
professional and licensed social work positions,” the statement read. 

Steven Wanczyk-Karp is executive director of NASW-CT:( Health
records for CT residents could be shared in an online database. But should it?
CT Insider
Connie has a ( history of ( running
afoul of privacy concerns. Earlier this year, social workers and
psychological associations questioned the need to include behavioral health
information in the state’s health information exchange. Steven Wanczyk-Karp,
director of the Connecticut chapter of the National Association of Social
Workers, told ( CT
Examiner that turning over a client list was a breach of professional

Katrina Gould is a member of NASW-OR:( Remote
mental health treatment boomed during the pandemic. It’s still going strong.
The shift has been a game changer for therapists too. Katrina Gould
is a licensed clinical social worker and has been practicing in Portland,
Oregon, for 30 years. Before the pandemic, she barely treated any clients by
video or phone, and getting reimbursed by insurance for it was rarely possible.
But early in the pandemic, she was seeing nearly all her clients by video.
Gould still sees more than half that way — and is busier than ever.

Jude Vereyken is a member of NASW-MI:( May
be just may be…
Holland Sentinel
May be just may be it is time to take a moment to reflect on our mental
health well-being and give ourselves permission to acknowledge if we are not as
mentally healthy as we could be. May is National Mental Health Awareness
month! I suspect given all the tragedies and polarized tension in this
country we could all benefit from a little mental health tender loving

( Members in the News – May 4, 2023
May 4th 2023, 14:22

Virma Little is a member of NASW-SC:( Not
screening for anxiety? Costs and solutions
Medical Economics
In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on advancing
screening recommendations for anxiety among health care providers and
organizations, particularly in women’s health practices. The ( U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)
recommends screening for anxiety in adults aged 18 to 64, including pregnant
and postpartum persons.

Doris Helmering is a member of NASW-MO:( When
You Struggle To Like Your Teen
NewsmaxRecently I spoke with one father who confessed to having difficulty
liking his son. Clearly his son was rebellious and had some behaviors that
most parents would find offensive. The son rarely did what he had promised. He
blew off chores. He had trouble backing down and he thought he never made a
mistake. When I pushed the father to tell me something he liked about his son,
he reluctantly admitted that the boy was a pretty good student, didn’t get in
trouble at school, had a great sense of humor and a rather endearing smile.

Richard Brouillette is a member of NASW-CA:( 2
Ways Empathy Determines the Type of Partner We Choose
Psychology TodayWhen we think of ( empathy, we usually think
it’s about how we relate to other people’s feelings. In fact, empathy begins
with how well we first learn to relate to our own feelings and emotional needs
in ( childhood. How well we connect
with ourselves will determine how we connect with others. In my clinical work,
I use the idea of empathy styles to help my clients understand the way they
handle their own emotional needs, and how they either show up for or avoid
their partner’s emotional needs.

Jonathan Singer is a member of NASW-IL:( VIDEO:
Consider family’s role, personal mental health when working with suicidal youth
For Mental Health Awareness Month, Jonathan B. Singer, PhD,
LCSW, discussed his advice for working with suicidal youth and their
families. “I think one of the most amazing things about working with ( suicidal youth and their families is that you tend to
folks at one of their lowest points; and for most kids, in a fairly short
period of time you get to see some improvement,” Singer, a professor of social
work at Loyola University Chicago, told Healio. “They go from being in this
terrible place to a better place, and that’s really inspiring.”

F. Diane Barth is a member of NASW-NYC:( 5
Ways to Set Healthy Limits
Psychology TodayWe often think of boundary-setting as a simple matter of saying “no.”
But in truth, setting limits, whether it’s with your pet or your children, your
parents or your colleagues at work, is a bit more complicated than that. In
a ( recent
post, I talked about how trying to be perfect can lead to ( burnout. But here’s something
interesting: ( Research shows
that both burnout and ( perfectionism are
related to difficulties setting boundaries. In part, that’s because when you’re
always trying to be perfect, you’re likely not setting healthy boundaries.

Lexie Honey is a member of NASW-WY:( Children’s
Mental Health Awareness Week
Campbell County News
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the first week of May is
considered Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Kid Clinic wants to
remind you and your children to take some time to slow down this month. Make
sure to check in yourself and those around you. Monitoring your child’s mood
can help determine if they might need to speak with a counselor.

Brian Mares is government relations director for NASW-TX:( When
it comes to upping mental health services, Texas has a Medicaid problem
Texas TribuneBryan Mares, government relations director for the ( Texas chapter of the National Association of
Social Workers, cited the Medicaid payment rate for counseling sessions
as a main sticking point. “Medicaid reimbursement for these services don’t
align with the current market rate within private health plans,” he said.

Darrell Wheeler is a member of NASW-NYS and a former national
board president:( Darrell
Wheeler Inaugurated as New Paltz’s Ninth President
The New Paltz Oracle
In a historic, three-day event, SUNY New Paltz hosted the
inauguration ceremony for its ninth president, President Darrell P. Wheeler,
from April 19 to April 21. “Today is a day of celebration. Tomorrow is a
new way of beginning,” President Wheeler said in his inaugural address. ( The celebration began with
lunch and a collaborative forum highlighting student-faculty research and
creativity on April 19, followed by an inaugural festival later that day. 

Lynn Stanley is executive director of NASW-VT:( Advocates
ask legislators to add students to discrimination and harassment reform bill
Vermont Biz
“Students within the schools should be held to the same standards as
anybody else,” said Lynn Stanley, executive director of the Vermont Chapter
of the National Association of Social Workers. “I mean children are in
schools to learn how to be functioning adults. And why wouldn’t you have the
same standards within the school as you do in the rest of the world? That’s
where you learn how to be nice to each other.” 

Kim Wheeler Poitevien is a member of NASW-PA:( We’re
treating Black kids like they’re adults and it’s a danger to their lives
“Black children are often taught to behave in a manner more mature
than their age. This has been a method for survival,” Kim Wheeler
Poitevien, a licensed clinical social worker told ( WebMD. “When a girl is catcalled it’s because her
clothes are ‘too tight.’ When she is reprimanded for talking in school she is
‘disruptive’ rather than gregarious.” Because of these reactions, many
Black children learn to control the ways in which they are perceived through
altering their appearance, whether it be clothing or hairstyles. This is a form
of respectability politics that social workers like Wheeler Poitevien reject.

Sarah Younggren is a member of NASW-CO:( Organizations
serving youth rethink their role in addressing mental health crisis
The New Brunswick NewsSarah Younggren, a licensed clinical social worker in Denver who
works with schools on social-emotional learning, said that despite its
conflation with critical race theory, the concept isn’t new or particularly
controversial. If kids learn to recognize what they’re feeling and handle those
emotions appropriately, they’re more likely to do well in school and in their
future careers, she said. For some schools, that might mean a focus on teaching
kids to calm themselves down, while others might be focused on bullying and
school climate.

Kathleen Leornard is a member of NASW-PA:( Therapy
Horses, Dogs, Pigs and More Help Spirited Breeze Care Farm Provide Comfort and
Lancaster FarmingKathleen Leonard, a licensed clinical social worker with more than 26
years of experience, had worked in a variety of traditional settings as a
therapist and administrator, including group homes, hospitals and schools. Almost
three years ago, she decided to take her behavioral health skills to a new
arena — her horse farm. Leonard and her assembled team work with clients of all
ages, and facing a variety of challenges, on her small farm tucked into the
wooded hillside in Elverson, Pennsylvania.

Darlene Tando is a member of NASW-CA:( How
model Zaya Wade’s family supported her gender transition
“Support from parents is absolutely crucial to the development and
well-being of transgender youth,” said Darlene Tando, a licensed clinical
social worker in San Diego. “Just like any parent may listen to and
encourage the passions or the interests of a child because they see that it
makes them happy, this is a very core characteristic of the human. Being able
to be affirmed for gender and being understood in our identity is a way for
someone to go out into the world feeling understood, affirmed, and it improves
a child and a teenager’s quality of life.”

( Members in the News – April 27, 2023
Apr 27th 2023, 15:13

( Shoot
first, think later — it’s long past time for sane people to make our voices
heard and change our nation
The South Dakota Standard
I decided to look at some other professional websites for some writing
topics. The ( Minnesota
Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) had
several suggestions for its members’ advocacy efforts. I thought these were
pretty comprehensive and could serve as a model for all mental health
professionals in South Dakota.

Michelle Maidenberg is a member of NASW-NYS:( 3
Critical Facts to Know About Your Emotions
Psychology Today
In my TED Talk on “( Circumventing
Emotional Avoidance” and my book ( ACE
Your Life: Unleash Your Best Self and Live the Life You Want, the
barriers as to what leads us to distance from our uncomfortable emotions are
indicated as well as evidence to support the critical need to lean into and
embrace those emotions. Included are also practical ways to initiate
self-acceptance and self-compassion by being with all of our emotions so
that we’re living a meaningful intentioned life.

Nicole Bennett is a member of NASW-IL:( Newly
elected Rockford School Board members sworn in for first terms
WREXBennett is a licensed clinical social worker bringing years of
experience of dealing with mental health, trauma, and working with families. “I
want to bring that experience to the board, with my knowledge about trauma
resources and mental health and social emotional learning,” said Nicole
Bennett. “I really want to make sure that I’m able to tour the buildings
in my sub district specifically so I can interact with teachers, I can interact
with students and their families, and really find out what their needs

Bonnie Landwehr is a member of NASW-IL:( Farmers
talk stressors, coping methods
Shaw Local News Network
Hulsizer, along with his wife, Liz, joined Kankakee County Farm Bureau
President Greg St. Aubin and Bonnie Landwehr, a licensed clinical social
worker and behavioral health program supervisor with SIU Medicine, during a
panel discussion on mental health stress in the ag community. It was part of
the Farm Family Resource Initiative’s Rural Mental Health Summit at the
Memorial Learning Center in Springfield. The audience of mostly health care
professionals heard about ways to better respond to and treat farmers’ mental

Megan McGrath is a member of NASW-MA:( POV:
Gender-Affirming Care is Under Siege
Boston UniversityA tsunami of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislative efforts is currently sweeping
across the United States. Under the misguided notion that restricting
gender-affirming care “protects children,”(  12
states have enacted laws restricting or banning access to
gender-affirming care for minors, including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona,
Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah, South
Dakota, and West Virginia.

Rebecca Arredondo Yazzie is a member of NASW-OR:( Clinical
Social Worker to Be Ore. PD’s New Civilian Training Dean
Officer.comRebecca Arredondo Yazzie, a clinical social worker and university
program director, has been selected to become Portland Police Bureau’s
first ( civilian dean of training. Yazzie, 42, was a psychiatric
social worker at Oregon’s MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. She served
as a mental health clinician at Clackamas and Washington county jails. Later,
she led focus groups of women prisoners to advise the Oregon Department of
Corrections on how to improve programming and supervision for the women.

Dawn Rochelle is a member of NASW-NC:( OP-ED:
Ending child abuse requires community partnerships
The Daily NewsApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month across the United States.
Advocates in North Carolina are taking the time to reflect on the complex task
at hand with a focus on better understanding our shared responsibilities. The
statewide theme for 2023: “Nurturing Positive Childhoods: Building Prevention
in Partnership.”

( Members in the News – April 20, 2023
Apr 20th 2023, 15:25

Keith Cunniffe is a member of NASW-NYS:( “Here
Comes Jimmy Hendrix”: A Psychiatrist and Patient Reconnect and Recollect
Psychiatric TimesCunniffe: I started college at Fordham University in the
fall of 1986 looking forward to making new friends and, hopefully, having a
girlfriend. I vividly recall early on walking past Keating Hall, the pastoral
campus’s centerpiece, and thinking that I felt a kind of darkness that I had
never felt before. I wondered, “Is it really possible for a person to feel this
terrible?” It was. I sensed that this dark curse would be my companion for
years to come, which turned out to be correct. 

Rebekah Gewirtz is executive director of NASW-RI:( Sen.
DiMario sponsoring two bills to recruit more mental health professionals
What’s Up Newport
“Social workers are uniquely trained professionals who are very much
needed right now, especially in our schools,” said Rebekah Gewirtz with the
National Association of Social Workers RI. “Social workers can address
behavioral and mental health issues so educators can concentrate on teaching.
Targeted student debt relief is a big step, and we’re grateful to Senator
DiMario for focusing on the mental health needs of our students.”

Amelia Lochner Malavé is director of Operations &
Development for NASW-NYS:( NYS
Social Workers Group Calls for More Funding for Veterans’ Mental Health Program
Chautauqua Today
A group of New York State social workers wants more funding for a
veterans’ mental health program. The Veterans Mental Health Training Initiative
educates community providers about veteran-specific issues and cultural
competency for working with them. The group seeks $100,000 to fund a position
to link the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project with the clinicians
in the initiative. Amelia Lochner-Malavé with the National Association of
Social Workers New York Chapter says it’s important to learn how to help

Karen Bullock is a member of NASW-MA:( Medicare
tests a solution to soaring hospice costs: Let private insurers run it
Many experts believe that harsh choice between giving up hope and
getting help from hospice — along with the arbitrary six-month cutoff — combine
to repel many patients who could otherwise benefit. Only about ( one-third of Native, Asian, Black and Hispanic
patients elect hospice compared to about half of white patients. “One of
the reasons that Black people ( shy away from hospice is because there isn’t room to
reevaluate,” said ( Karen Bullock, a licensed clinical social worker
and a professor at Boston College. “It’s too finite.”

Hillary Vervalin is a member of NASW-CO:( Opinion:
We tried lock-’em-up before, and it didn’t work
The Colorado Sun
Throwing money at a ( correctional
crisis will only exacerbate Colorado’s reliance on prisons over
people. Instead, we must improve access to community mental health and
substance abuse treatment and affordable housing — not bankroll more prison
beds. Contact Gov. Polis today and tell him the corrections department does not
need a budget of more than $1 billion.

( Senate
committee considers removing restrictions on fentanyl tests
Columbia Missourian
Jessica Petrie, a lobbyist representing the Missouri chapter of the National
Association of Social Workers, testified in favor of the bill, stating that
access to test strips allows people to behave more safely and take precautions
to prevent overdose. “Studies have shown that individuals who have access to
fentanyl test strips actually do modify their behavior,” Petrie said. “By
potentially discarding a batch or having (anti-overdose medication) Naloxone on
hand, or whatever the case may be.”

Lenore Shepard is a member of NASW-MA:( Serious
about sleep: Body’s restorative process crucial to health
Greenfield RecorderOne of the biggest factors affecting our ability to feel replenished
upon waking is our stress response. Apart from physical sleep disorders,
stress is one of the biggest factors that affects and inhibits our ability to
get nourishing, routine sleep. So what happens during sleep and how can we
enhance our sleep hygiene and by extension our health?

Jennifer Staffero is a member of NASW-CA:( Alvarado-Gil
brings fight for rape legislation to Stan State
Turlock Journal
Sharing the dais with Alvarado-Gil were Jennifer Staffero, a licensed
clinical social worker and the clinical lead counselor for counseling and
psychological services at CSUS; Brandy Spencer, director of youth and
prevention services for Haven Women’s Center; student representative Camrynn
Loveall, associate dean of students Clarissa Lonn; and Chief Clint Strode of
the CSUS police department.

Shakti Sutriasa is a member of NASW-WA:( Embracing
Change May Be The Key To Long-Term Marital Success
The ListShakti Sutriasa, a Washington-based licensed clinical social worker,
wrote for the Huffington Post, suggesting that couples make room for a new
normal that allows for new routines as changes occur. Additionally, she
suggests that couples make room for change by providing each other with a
nonjudgmental space to share. Marriage is a commitment as well as an
opportunity for self-discovery and getting to witness someone you love and care
about expanding into a fuller version of themselves. 

Zhaniizha Khanii-Kevii is a member of NASW-NYS:( Social
worker staffing is at ‘bare-bones’ level in New York
Spectrum NewsZhaniizha Khanii-Kevii has served more than 30 years as a staff
supervising social worker with Sullivan County Department of Community
Services Mental Health Clinic. She knew she wanted to go into social work starting
when she was a junior in college. “I’ve been with Sullivan County since 1985.
June 1985 is when I started, a week after I graduated from Fordham University,
and I’ve been with the county ever since,” said Khanii-Kevii. She said her
college professor inspired her to go into the field dedicated to helping

( Members in the News – April 13, 2023
Apr 13th 2023, 14:35

( For
Black social workers, anxiety and depression are on the rise
The Conversation
Since the 2020 racial reckoning, social workers have prided ourselves on
working to eliminate social justice disparities. “Eliminating Racism,” for
instance, became an ( official
grand challenge of social work in 2020. For its part, the National
Association of Social Workers published two volumes of “( Undoing
Racism in Social Work.” In addition, the ( Council
of Social Work Education’s, anti-racism standards became a part of the 2022
Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards. But as a profession, the use of
terms such as anti-racism in book titles and standards alone means very little
if Black social workers reported that they still feel neglected by their white

( CA
Prison System May Not be Providng ‘Adequate Mental Health Service’ Because
Social Workers ‘Overlooked’ and ‘Undervalued,’ National Association Charges
The Davis VanguardThe National Association of Social Workers – CA Chapter said this
week it has “partnered” with Social Workers at the California Department of
Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to “protest the unfair treatment of
Social Workers” in the CA state prison system. “For years, Licensed Clinical
Social Workers (LCSWs) have been overworked and undervalued at CDCR (CA Dept.
of Corrections and Rehabilitation). They have been passed over for promotions
and bonuses in favor of utilizing more expensive Psychologists who do the same
job,” according to a statement released by NASW-CA.

Kerry McCarthy is a member of NASW-MA:( The
weeks and months after giving birth are hard. For Cape moms, there’s a support
Cape Cod Times
Seven years ago, when Kerry McCarthy was suffering from ( postpartum
mental illness, she couldn’t find a support system. “The
transition to new motherhood was intense, immense and brought
overwhelming feelings that I did not understand,” said McCarthy, who
found out later she was suffering from ( postpartum
depression. Since then, times have changed. Due to an increase in
awareness around mental health, postpartum awareness and support has been

Jodi Taub is a member of NASW-NYS:( 5
Relationship Tips for Patients
CSL Behring
Having a loving and committed romantic relationship is one of the joys
of life. A long-term partner fills many roles through the years or even
decades. Your shared history together can be a source of fun and connection,
and it can also steady you with strength and support in difficult times. Breakups
are common and half of all marriages end in divorce, so it’s no surprise
that sustaining relationships takes work. 

Mary Tate is a member of NASW-NYC:( The
7 Biggest Early Warning Signs You’re Developing Depression
YahooMary Tate, a licensed clinical social worker and founder of ( Tate Psychotherapy,
said this is one of the most conspicuous symptoms in the beginning stages. “For
many people, high levels of fatigue and low energy are often the most
noticeable,” Tate said. “Depression can affect our ( sleep
patterns and increase stress, which affect serotonin and dopamine,
which play a critical part in regulating our mood and energy.”

Patty DeVost is a member of NASW-FL:( Patty’s
Place connecting youth and young adults to mental health services in SWFL
“We really want to be a bridge to mental health support services in the
area,” said Patty DeVost, a licensed clinical social worker who founded
Patty’s Place. Before opening Patty’s Place at the end of February, DeVost
worked as a school counselor in Lee County for more than 15 years. “My belief
is that the field of mental health, in my opinion, has not changed much since
I’ve been in it, but our youth are changing quickly,” Patty said. 

( Why
the government is aggressively hiring social workers in 2023
From ( Missouri to ( Utah to ( Maine, the lack of social workers is causing some
government projects to be placed on hold or even canceled. There are also
federal initiatives to hire more social workers. Last year, for example, the
Biden administration ( announced efforts through the U.S. Department of
Education to increase the ranks of social workers in schools. Suffice to
say, there are plenty of opportunities for social workers or prospective social
workers at the government level—perhaps more so than at any time in the
recent past.

Yvonne Chase is president-elect of NASW:( As
demand for youth mental health services grows, the U.S. is facing a social
worker shortage
Youth Today( Yvonne Chase is president-elect of the National
Association of Social Workers, which represents 110,000 members in 55
chapters around the world. “Salary has been an issue for many years,” said
Chase, who is also an associate ( professor in the University of Alaska, Anchorage’s
human services department. “It used to be … state government salaries for
social workers were better than nonprofits, but we’re finding that neither
segment has actually kept up with inflation.” Job satisfaction is also a
concern, particularly in high-stress specialties like child welfare
investigations, she added. 

invites students to pursue a career in social work
Laredo Morning Times
The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, located at the Education and
Research Center at Laredo, is inviting all students who consider social work
as a profession to enroll in this career that, in addition to helping
others and the community at large at different levels, offers a wide job

Richard Brandon-Friedman is a member of NASW-IN:( Indiana
‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill amended, no longer requires parental consent for name
changes, pronouns
WBOIRichard Brandon-Friedman is an assistant professor for social worker
at IUPUI. He said this is a positive change – as this type of regulation on
consent would’ve been confusing. “If a parent were to say, no, we don’t want
that to happen, I don’t know how a school would address that, and I don’t think
that’s addressed well in this bill,” he said. However, he feels that mandating
that information about a student’s gender or pronouns is revealed to parents is
still an issue.

Zach Usmani is a member of NASW-OH:( KIPP
Columbus teachers, staff can hold union vote, national labor board tells school
The Columbus DispatchZach Usmani, a social worker at KIPP and member of the organizing committee,
said that teachers and other education professionals seeking to unionize knew
the NLRB would decide in their favor. “We knew this was a delay tactic to begin
with, but we’re glad to get this result,” Usmani said.

Carli Blau is a member of NASW-NJ:( How
Each Of The 5 Senses Affects Sexual Arousal
Psychotherapist Carli Blau, Phd, LCSW breaks down all the ways our body reacts
to sexual arousal, focusing on each of the five senses.

( Members in the News – April 6, 2023
Apr 6th 2023, 14:51

Cassie Brown is executive director of NASW-MO:( Photos:
Activists rally at Missouri Capitol for transgender rights
St Louis TodayCassie Brown, Executive Director for the National Association of
Social Workers’ Missouri Chapter, chants during a protest for transgender
rights Wednesday, March 29, 2023, outside the Missouri State Capitol in
Jefferson City.

Fatima Salman is president of NASW-MI; Duane Breijak is
executive director of NASW-MI:( Social
workers recognized for breaking barriers during Social Work Month
WDETDuane Breijak, executive director for the ( National Association
of Social Workers’ (NASW) Michigan chapter, says the month is to honor
social workers across the country. “We have 30,000 licensed professionals in
Michigan alone, 6,500 students in social work programs in our state, and about
36 schools of social work,” says Breijak. Breijak explains social workers are
everywhere — from schools to working in the state Legislature. … Fatima
Salman, president of NASW Michigan, says social workers were on the ground
after the mass shooting at Oxford High School in November 2021. “It’s not just providing
the individual level, but also really from a higher level like what are mental
health solutions for an entire community,” Salman explains.

Sara Amos is a member of NASW-TN:( [Audio]
Community responds to the Covenant School shooting
Four days have passed since ( six people were killed by a shooter at the Covenant School in
Green Hills. There is still much we do not know, and the grieving process
has really only begun. In today’s episode we hold space for our community — to
talk about what people are feeling in this terrible moment and what healing
might look like going forward.

Carolyn Wilson is a member of NASW-FL:( Bay
Pines VA social workers break barriers to support Veterans
VA News
“Most recently, our social workers helped VA exceed a national goal of
permanently housing 38,000 Veterans by working with the Veteran Homeless
Program and HUD-VASH team to exceed Bay Pines VA’s and the VISN 8 goals by
changing the lives of 638 Veterans across central and southwest Florida,” said
Alisha Stanton, Bay Pines VA Healthcare System social work chief. Stanton said
three leaders on her team—Lacey Brown, Alicia Dudley, and Carolyn Wilson—are
tremendous examples of social workers who have been instrumental in leading
others within the organization to help Veterans break barriers.

Lynn Osachy is a member of NASW-FL:( [Video] Conversations to
have to prevent bullying
YouTubeLicensed clinical social worker Lori Osachy joins us via Zoom to
discuss the Glynn County incident that left a 19-year-old hospitalized and how
to prevent further bullying.

Sonja Bigalke-Bannan is executive director of NASW-HI:( The
case for attracting more social workers in Hawaiʻi
Hawai’i Public Radio
A new report from the University of Hawai‘i found the state needs more
social workers. “( Social Work in Hawai‘i: A Workforce Profile” was conducted
by the Thompson School of Social Work and Public Health. Hawai‘i faces a
staffing shortage of 12% to 16% when it comes to social workers, said Sonja
Bigalke-Bannan, the executive director of the ( Hawai‘i Chapter of the National
Association of Social Workers. The UH study showed that higher wages
and legislative solutions could attract more people to the field.

Marissa Fors is a member of NASW-NYS:( Opinion:
Drama Therapy Can Be a Therapeutic Tool for Helping Patients Cope With Cancer
Oncology Nursing News
Traditional therapeutic interventions provide patients diagnosed with
cancer the tools to cope with their distress and learn to manage changing
feelings. Health care professionals support the well-being of the patient and
provide techniques to improve coping skills. For some patients, emotional
support could be complemented with creative forms of self-expression. Drama
therapy is a unique approach that has roots in drama, theater, psychology, and
psychotherapy and has been shown to provide many mental health benefits.

Public Social Workers Enduring High Stress, Low Pay
Public News Service
The trend of low pay has been occurring across the field of social work.
A report from the National Association of Social Workers New York State
Chapter noted ( 34% of social workers surveyed are at the same salary
when they started their job, which on average began one to five years ago. DiAntonio
described what she hears from social workers about the current state of their
field. “They’re doing a lot more with a lot less,” DiAntonio
observed. “What I mean by that is that their caseloads, in some instances,
have tripled. We have social workers that their caseloads were capped at 40
that are now at 80. We have social workers in corrections that have caseloads
of upwards of 200 people.”

Will Francis is executive director of NASW-TX:( The
Consequences of Forced Birth
Women’s Media CenterWill Francis, the executive director of the Texas chapter of the
National Association of Social Workers (NASW), reports that foster youth in
his state are sleeping in offices, warehoused in congregate care, or put up in
hotel rooms for lack of available placements. He anticipates the situation
worsening with the fallout from the Dobbs decision.

Erin Young is a member of NASW-TX:( East
Texas social worker explains increase in teen girls experiencing sadness
New data from the(  CDC shows
there is a mental health crisis among teenage girls in the U.S. Teenage girls
are experiencing record high levels of violence, sadness and suicide risk
according to the CDC. “Being a teen girl has always been a difficulty. There’s
so much growing emotionally, physically, psychologically that grows and happens
during that time,” a licensed clinical social worker and co-owner of Bridge
Therapeutic Services in Tyler, Erin Young, said. In 2021, nearly 60% of
teen girls said they persistently felt sad or hopeless over the past year,
compared to 36% a decade ago. And, nearly 1 in 3 seriously considered
attempting suicide according to the CDC.

Dave Whipple is a member of NASW-TN:( Please
stop conflating mass shootings with mental health issues
Clarksville Now
If your response to the ( shooting in Nashville this week was filled with
sadness, anger, frustration, being fed up, heartbreak, etc., you are not alone.
This means you had an appropriate, compassionate and empathic response to a
terrible, horrific tragedy. It makes sense to respond that way. I had all of
those emotions in very large quantities and am still working through them. One
of the frustrations I have is that I keep seeing people immediately assuming or
proclaiming that mental illness must play a role in these tragedies. 

Jude Vereyken is a member of NASW-MI:( Jude
Vereyken: Could alcohol be putting your health at risk?
Holland SentinelDid you know that the less alcohol you drink, the lower your risk is
for cancer? Please read that sentence again! It rather made me step back
when I first read it. Our body breaks alcohol down into a chemical called
acetaldehyde, which damages our DNA and prevents our body from repairing the
damage. And when our DNA is damaged, a cell can begin growing out of control
and create a cancer tumor increasing our risk for getting mouth and throat,
voice box, esophagus, colon and rectum, liver, and breast (in women)
cancer. ( According to the CDC, all of these cancers have been linked
to alcohol consumption! Yikes!

( News Items – March 30, 2023
Mar 30th 2023, 16:31

Sandra Butler is a member of NASW-ME; Katherine Marble is an
associate member of NASW-ME:( Social
workers on front lines ask lawmakers for support, reinforcements
The Portland Press Herald
The social worker shortage is driven by low wages, low MaineCare
reimbursement rates and high student loan debt, said Sandy Butler, the
director of the University of Maine’s School of Social Work, one of the
state’s two social work programs. “Maine can ill afford the loss of these
workers,” Butler warned. The salaries that social workers earn make it hard to
repay their student loans while supporting their families, Butler said. The
average pay for bachelor’s level social workers in Maine is $47,000 a year;
those with master’s degrees earn about $13,000 more.

Laura Reagan is a member of NASW-MD:( The
sandwich generation is changing. The stress remains.
The Washington PostLaura Reagan is a 51-year-old licensed clinical social worker from
Crownsville, Md., who helps care for a half-dozen elderly family members —
two parents, two stepparents and two in-laws — who live in Norfolk. Reagan and
her husband travel back and forth frequently, dealing with issues including
dementia, cancer, broken bones and the shortage of help.

Samantha Mishne is a member of NASW-OH:( A day
in the life of a social worker
Case Western Reserve University
As the clinical director of ( Bellefaire JCB, a child services agency that
provides a variety of behavioral health, substance abuse, education and
prevention services, Samantha Mishne is working to increase the
organization’s adherence to implementing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT),
a type of talk therapy for people who experience emotions very
intensely. Psychodynamically trained, Mishne has spent the last nine years
focusing on the implementation of evidence-based treatments for eating
disorders and suicidal/self-harming behavior in order to help increase clients’
ability to get back to living life as quickly as possible. It is her goal to
make Bellefaire the first certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy center in

( County
Behavioral Wellness Social Workers Help People Overcome Hurdles and Thrive
Santa Barbara Independent
Social work began more than a century ago. The profession can trace a
large part of its origins to Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Star, who in 1889
opened Hull House in Chicago to provide social services to the area, which had
a large immigrant population. In the 1960s, past NASW President Whitney M.
Young Jr., worked in collaboration with President Johnson and other leaders
during the turbulent Civil Rights era to break down the barrier of employment
discrimination so Black people could get access to better paying jobs.

( Social
workers press for sex ed, school meals in Massachusetts schools
Fall River ReporterNASW-MA included the permanent meals bill as one of four priorities
its members will push Tuesday during meetings with lawmakers. Social
workers also want lawmakers to approve bills dealing with licensure and
training for the field (H 1253 / S 160), pretrial release or probation for
substance use treatment (H 1391 / S 982), and a long-discussed sex education
reform proposal often dubbed the Healthy Youth Act.

Ken Page is a member of NASW-NYS:( 11
Qualities Of A Good Friend + What To Watch Out For, From Therapists
Mind Body Green
First things first: You will like being around a ( truly
good friend. That may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people
don’t actually realize they feel bad around certain people. It’s important that
your friendships feel warm and fun, according to relationship expert ( Ken Page, LCSW,
because that fun and playful aspect creates feelings of belonging and safety.

Richard Brouillette is a member of NASW-CA:( Therapy
Everywhere, All at Once: The Therapy Multiverse
Psychology Today
In fiction, going back to a Marvel comic book from the early 1960s, the
multiverse is understood to mean the idea that there are multiple universes
beyond our own, and, in fact, multiple versions of our universe, meaning
multiple versions of ourselves in alternate realities. In fact, many current
physics theories actually support the idea. While theories of different selves
and universes are purely theoretical in physics, they have real consequences in
our brains. By exploring alternate selves and versions of events, we can
actually find and unlock trapped feelings, bringing them to awareness,
and offering real therapeutic change.

Robin Arndt and Theresa Kreif are members of NASW-HI:( New
social work report provides insights into Hawaiʻi workforce
University of Hawai’I NewsMarch is designated as National Social Work Month, and the need for
social workers is growing. The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
recognizes the dedication of all social workers across the state. A new
report, ( Social
Work in Hawaiʻi: A Workforce Profile (PDF) by ( Thompson School of Social Work &
Public Health faculty members Robin Arndt, Cliff Bersamira, Theresa
Kreif and Rebecca Stotzer details the current state of the
social work profession in Hawaiʻi with data and an historical
analysis of the field.

( News Items – March 23, 2023
Mar 23rd 2023, 14:38

( Social
work students celebrate Social Work Advocacy Day at the capitol through Senate
Bill advocation
Hilltop Views
On March 3, St. Edward’s social work students attended the annual Social
Work Advocacy Day at the Texas State Capitol. This all-day event was put on
by the Texas chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. It
started at the LBJ Library and ended at the capitol, with almost 800 social
work students and professionals attending from all across the state. 

Kathy Bray is a member of NASW-UT:( Kathy
Bray, a remarkable force helping Utah’s most vulnerable
Kathy Bray, is President and Chief Executive Officer for ( Volunteers of America, Utah (VOAU)
– a position she’s served in for more than a decade. Bray is a certified
social worker who is responsible for the overall managment, fiscal
stability, and strategice direction of Volunteers of America, Utah. Bray is
responsible for managing the multi-million dollar nonprofit faith-based
organization with more than 340 employees providing direct care and support to
some of Utah’s most vulnerable people, individuals experiencing homelessness,
untreated substance use disorder and behavioral health issues. Bray’s
organization touches the lives of more than 9,000 people each year.

Martha Burkett Fallis is a member of NASW-UT:( If
there’s domestic violence, couples should seek help — separately
Deseret News
That’s among the biggest fears, said Martha Burkett Fallis, a
licensed clinical social worker who provides therapy in Salt Lake City and
serves on the board of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition. “Things might come
up that could be used as a catalyst for abuse.”

Doug LaBelle is a member of NASW-WI:( ‘When
it stops being fun, talk to somebody’: March Madness coincides with Problem
Gambling Awareness Month
“Sports betting is sky rocketing,” Doug LaBelle, a licensed
clinical social worker, said. March Madness is just one reason Wisconsin’s
gambling helpline got the most calls of 2022 in March. “March as a month
is a trigger,” LaBelle said. “In the case of gambling, it could be a
trigger that’s a good one because we have fun, or it could be a trigger into
the continuing progression of gambling disorder.” LaBelle said a majority
of the people who bet on March Madness won’t have a gambling problem.

Evelyn Smith is a student member of NASW-TX:( Texas
panel advances bill that would hinder transgender kids’ access to puberty
blockers & hormone therapies
“Research has consistently found that access to this medical care
reduces the rates of suicide ideation and attempts in trans and nonbinary
youth,” said Evelyn Smith, a social worker student and member of the
National Association of Social Workers’ Texas Chapter. “This proposed
legislation strips the rights of families to direct their own health care and
jeopardizes the livelihood and mental health of youth. Medical decisions should
be left in the hands of families and medical professionals, not the government.”

Social Work Month

Amy St. Luce is a student member of NASW-WA:( Breaking
barriers every day: JBLM’s social workers Advocating for patients with Amy St.
US Army
If you have ever sought behavioral healthcare, have children in school,
or received treatment for substance use, chances are you have met a social
worker. These healthcare professionals have earned a Master of Social Work or a
doctorate and work with individuals, families and organizations to address
their needs and concerns. They work in different settings, from community
centers and schools to state and federal agencies. March is national social
work month. This affords a prime opportunity to inform the public and
policymakers about the important role social workers play in varied settings.

( March
2023 is Social Worker Month
The Avery Journal-TimesMarch is Social Work Month – a great time to celebrate the
wonderful profession of social work and Crossnore’s amazing social workers. Per
the National Association of Social Work Code of Ethics, “The primary mission of
the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the
basic human needs in all people, with particular attention to the needs and
empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.”

( News Items – March 16, 2023
Mar 16th 2023, 15:02

Arendt is executive director of NASW-NC:( ‘Not
paid what we’re worth’: NC social workers say they are essential, but
ABC 11
The North Carolina School Social Workers Association hosted hundreds of
school social workers Friday. There were dozens of stories like Britton’s in
the room of more than 300 social workers. They say while their work is
essential, they’re undervalued. They stood up sharing their stories in an
effort to appeal to four lawmakers on stage. “A big piece of our
legislative agenda this year and for years in the past is to restore master’s
level pay for school social workers,” said Valerie Arendt, North
Carolina National Association of Social Workers.

Baratta is a member of NASW-NYC:( Why
Rigidity Causes Marriages and Relationships to Fail
Psychology Today
It is common knowledge that a large percentage of marriages end in ( divorce and relationship
breakups happen all the time. There is always a narrative as to why the
relationships failed in these cases. The narratives often have familiar themes:
incompatibility, unmet needs, addictions, and betrayals, all familiar and
logical issues that lead to the end of a relationship. Yet in my decades of
experience as a therapist, there is a consistent and common thread that seems
to point to the inability to work things out in order to stay together. That
common thread, the number one cause of ( marriage and
relationship failure, is rigidity.

Dukes is a member of NASW-DE:( 5 Ways to
Avoid Fighting About Money With Your Partner, Therapists Say
Best Life
“Couples should spend time over several date nights talking about
money, how they feel about money, and how money was handled or talked about in
their families growing up—couples should share how these lessons impacted them
and the way they manage their own finances now,” says Catherine
Dukes, LCSW, ( sex
therapist and couples therapist.

Taub is a member of NASW-NYS:( Grownups
Need Friends, Too
CSL Behring
It’s just tougher to make close friends after high school and college,
said Licensed Clinical Social Worker Jodi Taub. “Experiencing ‘firsts’
with friends during these key developmental time periods can create deep
bonds,” she said. “There are fewer opportunities to make friends with common
interests as you age due to work and daily life obligations.” We should
recognize that our friendships might change over time, Taub said. It’s OK to
feel close or not so close to friends at different points in our lives. Keep
friendships strong by making the effort, even in small ways like sending a
text. A 2022 study found that people ( consistently undervalued how meaningful a simple
message from a friend was.

Behunin is an associate member of NASW-UT:( Life
can be hard, here are 6 tips to navigate difficult situations
Often when we are in the midst of a difficult situation our reactions
can make the problem worse or we sweep our problems under the rug. Erika
Behunin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and joined Jenny Hardman in
studio with 6 Tips for Navigating Difficult Times.

Cartwright-Karlsson is a member of NASW-MN:( Biden’s
Proposal to Limit Online Prescribing Is a Raw Deal for the Most Vulnerable
The New Republic
The announcement raised alarm bells for many patients and mental health
professionals. When Stephanie Cartwright-Karlsson—a licensed clinical social
worker in Minnesota who has ADHD and is disabled—saw the news, she said,
“My heart sank, and I had an immediate rush of anxiety and a sense of despair
and hopelessness. I immediately thought of my clients who have already been waiting
months to see a psychiatrist for an ADHD medication consultation, many of whom
are rural, disabled and/or immunocompromised,” she said.

Elgin is a member of NASW-MD:( Baltimore
County Public Library expands social worker program
Baltimore Fishbowl
Two new social workers were added to the library staff to help
expand their reach. Social worker Barbara Elgin will provide assistance
at the Parkville-Carney, Perry Hall, Rosedale, Sollers Point and White
Marsh branches. Meanwhile, Valerie Greisman now has regular office hours at the
Arbutus, Catonsville, Lansdowne, Pikesville, Randallstown and Woodlawn

Rosen is executive director of NASW-KY:( ‘Book-banning’
measure nears final passage in Ky. General Assembly
“Which children are we trying to protect?” asked Brenda Rosen,
testifying on behalf of the Kentucky Chapter of the National Association of
Social Workers. Rosen noted that LGBTQ youth have astoundingly high rates
of suicide, due to lack of acceptance by their communities and society at
large. ( A 2022 survey by the Trevor Project found 45% of
LGTBQ youth have seriously considered attempting suicide in the previous year.
For trans and nonbinary youth, more than half have considered suicide. “What
about the child that needs that book? That that book might be something that
helps to sustain, to support, to engage, educate and empower,” she said.

Liss is a member of NASW-NJ:( She
tried to kill herself at 13. Why girls make the majority of N.J. teen overdose
Girls are not inherently more susceptible to anxiety, depression or
suicidal thoughts than boys. Many teen boys continue to struggle, said Stacy
Liss, a licensed clinical social worker at Red Bank Regional High School.
The district’s youth services center, “The Source,” has worked with 1,074
students this year, and a slim majority are girls.

Floyd-Pickard is a member of NASW-NC:( Rising
demand makes it difficult to keep Narcan stocked
A rise in overdoses is creating a higher demand for Narcan, making the
potentially life-saving medication harder to find. Doctor Melissa
Floyd-Pickard, a licensed clinical social worker and lead researcher for GCStop,
recently attended a ( fentanyl
town hall at Northern Guilford High School. The message there wasn’t just
about avoiding drugs. “I think people are ordering things online, thinking
they’re getting it from someone reputable. I know I’ve been hearing
presentations lately about teenagers who are curious who are trying to explore,
that are ordering things on Snapchat and Craigslist,” she explained.

Work Month:

( Op-ed
| How to make an impact this Social Work Month
AMNYThis year’s theme for Social Work Month is “Social Work Breaks
Barriers.” I’m proud to have broken barriers on behalf of children and
families in Brooklyn and across NYC. This March, I encourage you to take time
to learn about the many positive contributions of the profession, and celebrate
all the social workers you know.

McLaughlin is executive director of NASW-ME:( Commentary:
Maine’s social workers deserve more of our support
The Press-HeraldMarch is Social Work Month, and the theme this year is “Social Work
Breaks Barriers.” This theme resonates now more than ever. Social workers
are helping our nation overcome myriad challenges: tackling the effects of
racism, economic inequality, the fight for reproductive rights, the oppression
of marginalized communities and natural disasters worsened by climate change.

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