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( Does Barbie Affect Body Image? What the Science Shows
Jul 31st 2023, 13:15

A clinical health psychologist talks about Barbie’s influence on how women and girls view their body

( See an Amazingly Detailed Map of the Fruit Fly Brain
Jul 31st 2023, 09:00

A dazzling new map lights up the fruit fly brain

( Humans Can Spot Tiny Numerical Differences
Jul 31st 2023, 09:00

Where is the line between knowing and guessing?

( Art May Be in the Body of the Beholder
Jul 31st 2023, 09:00

A study suggests a complex interplay between bodily feeling, emotion and art

( Scientists Tickle Rats and Discover Brain's 'Play Spot'
Jul 28th 2023, 14:42

By inhibiting part of rats’ brain stem, scientists may have found the play center of the brain

( Distracted Driving Is More Dangerous Than People Realize, New Research Shows
Jul 28th 2023, 09:00

Multitasking can occupy attention longer than people anticipate  

( Psychologists Struggle to Explain the Mind of the Stalker
Jul 26th 2023, 08:00

Attempts to understand the psychopathology of romantic infatuation and sexual predation are still in their infancy

( To Solve the LGBTQ Youth Mental Health Crisis, Our Research Must Be More Nuanced
Jul 25th 2023, 09:00

Young people do not fall into neat categories of race, sexual orientation or gender identity. Research into LGBTQ mental health must take that into account

( Teenagers Skeptical of Social Media Have a Lower Risk of Eating Disorders
Jul 25th 2023, 07:30

Young people can counter social media messaging that promotes thinness by bringing a skeptical take to their viewing habits

( Are You a Lucid Dreamer?
Jul 24th 2023, 16:30

A sleep researcher who studies what dreams can tell us about the possible onset of some mental disorders believes lucid dreamers might hold a lot of answers in their head.

( Psychopathic Tendencies Help Some People Succeed in Business
Jul 24th 2023, 15:30

Traits in psychopaths may be present to some extent in all of us. New research is reframing this often maligned set of attributes and finding some positive twists

( What Life in Barbie's Dazzlingly Pink World Would Do to Her Brain--And Yours
Jul 21st 2023, 07:15

The Barbie movie’s plastic pink world might not be that fantastic in real life

( Images in the Mind's Eye Are Quick Sketches That Lack Simple, Real-World Details
Jul 20th 2023, 06:45

Pictures conjured by the mind’s eye lack detail, despite how vividly you picture them

( Alzheimer's Drug Donanemab Helps Most When Taken Early in Disease
Jul 18th 2023, 15:00

An Alzheimer’s drug that attacks the protein amyloid does not work as well in people with more advanced disease

( How Dangerous Are Soccer Concussions? They May Cause Lasting Damage
Jul 18th 2023, 07:00

As the 2023 Women’s World Cup kicks off, repeated concussions and head injuries in the sport raise discussion about the lifelong consequences on the brain

( How Culture Affects the 'Marshmallow Test'
Jul 14th 2023, 09:00

A classic test of self-control can carry complex cultural biases

( How My Mother's Dementia Showed Me Another Side of Neurodiversity
Jul 12th 2023, 07:30

My mother taught me to love words. Her dementia taught me to listen more closely

( How the Brain Creates Your Physical Sense of Self
Jul 12th 2023, 07:00

New insight comes from zapping a region, known as the anterior precuneus, that causes people to feel dissociated from their body

( Do We Actually 'Hear' Silence?
Jul 10th 2023, 17:30

An experiment tests whether our ears hear silent intervals in the same way they hear music or noise

( School's Out. Should You Worry about the 'Summer Slide'?
Jul 10th 2023, 07:00

Kids don’t typically advance academically during the summer, but the research isn’t clear on whether they forget what they’ve already learned

( A Neurologist Answers Questions Patients Might Have about the New Alzheimer's Drug Lecanemab
Jul 7th 2023, 15:30

What a patient and family members can expect from the recently approved drug lecanemab—and what more is needed to help stop Alzheimer’s dementia

( How Smart Were Dinosaurs? New Studies Fuel the Debate
Jul 6th 2023, 06:45

Discussions of dinosaur brainpower spark larger questions around the nature of intelligence

( How Susceptible Are You to Misinformation? There's a Test You Can Take
Jul 5th 2023, 13:15

A new misinformation quiz shows that, despite the stereotype, younger Americans have a harder time discerning fake headlines, compared with older generations

( What to Do When You Can't Fall Asleep May Surprise You
Jul 5th 2023, 08:00

When sleep feels elusive, getting out of bed can calm your mind and help you avoid bad sleep habits

( What Is Vagus Nerve Stimulation For?
Jul 4th 2023, 06:45

The vagus nerve is the key information expressway between the brain and most internal organs. Researchers are now studying how stimulating it might improve mental and physical health

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