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( Could Anesthesia During Pregnancy Cause Behavioral Problems in Kids?
Mar 4th 2024, 10:58

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportChildren exposed to anesthesia in the womb when their pregnant mom has surgery are more likely to suffer from behavioral issues later, reports a new study based on 17 million deliveries. Exposure to anesthesia before birth was associated with a 31% increased risk of a behavioral disorder as a child, or an even higher risk when exposure occurred during the second or third trimester. The report was published February 29 in the British Journal of...


( Report Urges Church of England to Expand Slavery Reparations
Mar 4th 2024, 10:57

Source: ( BBC News - UK NewsThe £100m earmarked by the Church of England for an investment fund to help repair damage caused by its links to slavery should be expanded at least tenfold, a new report says. The conclusion comes after an investigation last year found the Church had invested large amounts of money into a company that transported tens of thousands of slaves. The Church welcomed the report but said 100 million pounds was the "appropriate financial commitment"...


( Study Detects Cognitive Changes in Older Drivers Using In-Vehicle Sensors
Mar 4th 2024, 10:56

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthAn estimated 4 to 8 million older adults with mild cognitive impairment are currently driving in the United States, and one-third of them will develop dementia within five years. People with progressive dementias will eventually become unable to drive safely, yet many remain unaware of their cognitive decline. In a study published in BMC Geriatrics, researchers tested the ability of unobtrusive monitoring devices to detect driver impairment.


( Africa to Be $2.5 Trillion Short of Climate Finance by 2030, U.N. Says
Mar 4th 2024, 10:56

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportAfrica will be $2.5 trillion short of the finance it needs to cope with climate change by 2030, a U.N. official said on Monday, adding that the continent has contributed the least to greenhouse gas emissions while seeing some of the worst impacts. Africa attracts only 2% of global investments in clean energy but needs $2.8 trillion of investment in the sector by 2030, said the official, who warned against the consequences of under-funding.


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