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( How to Leverage Psychology to Aid a War-Torn World
Mar 2nd 2024, 00:41

Source: ( APA MonitorPsychologists have long applied their conflict-resolution skills in mediating large-scale disputes. With the violence and war that remain rampant in some parts of the world, psychological science can help us better understand why these conflicts happen, help rebuild communities and nations, and aid in preventing future violence. In one such case, Eran Halperin of Hebrew University is working to promote peace among Israeli Jews and Arab...


( Generations Unite to Address Lost Connections and Loneliness
Mar 2nd 2024, 00:41

Source: ( APA MonitorInteractions between older and younger generations are far less common today than in previous periods of history, but increasing those connections can address some of society's most intractable problems, according to Marc Freedman, founder of CoGenerate, an organization dedicated to bridging generational divides. "In the early part of the 20th century, we reorganized society to make it more efficient," he says, but we lost something important as...


( Psychology Goes to Hollywood to Dispel the Stigma of Mental Illness
Mar 2nd 2024, 00:41

Source: ( APA MonitorHelen Hsu was about 350 miles from Hollywood—and a million more miles mentally—when producers called. It was 2016, and Hsu was providing clinical care for low-income children and families and overseeing a public school–based counseling program. She rarely, if ever, watched TV. But the folks on the line invited Hsu to consult on the Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why, which depicted the impact of a teen's suicide on her classmates. Hsu was in.


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