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( The Ketamine Economy: New Mental Health Clinics Proliferating
Jan 30th 2024, 09:33

Source: ( Google News - HealthFor-profit ketamine clinics have proliferated over the past few years, offering infusions for a wide array of mental health issues, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety. Although the off-label use of ketamine hydrochloride, a Schedule III drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an anesthetic in 1970, was considered radical just a decade ago, now between 500 and 750 ketamine clinics have cropped up...


( Florida Bans Transgender Drivers From Changing Gender on Licenses
Jan 30th 2024, 09:33

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsFlorida is banning transgender people from changing their gender on their driver's licenses in a new rule to protect the "security and reliability" of government-issued IDs. The new rule was enacted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The department warned that anyone "misrepresenting" their gender assigned at birth will face "criminal and civil penalties," which could include suspension or revocation of their...


( Foreign-Born Residents Sue Japan for Alleged Racial Profiling
Jan 30th 2024, 02:17

Source: ( BBC News - AsiaThree foreign-born residents in Japan have sued the country's authorities over alleged racial profiling. The plaintiffs say they have suffered distress from repeated police questioning based on their appearances. "There's a very strong image that 'foreigner' equals 'criminal'," Pakistan-born Syed Zain told reporters. The lawsuit filed on Monday aims to confirm that racial profiling is illegal and to seek 3m yen ($20,250) in damages for each...


( Schools Are Third-Most Common U.S. Location for Reported Hate Crimes
Jan 30th 2024, 02:17

Source: ( CBS News - U.S. NewsTen percent of all reported hate crimes in the U.S. that occurred in 2022 happened at a school or college campus, according to a new report by the FBI—that is, the third most common location where hate-motivated acts occurred. The report also said more than 30% of all juvenile victims were targeted at school. Hate crimes at schools most often occurred at elementary and secondary schools, the report found, and were most commonly motivated by...


( Brazil, Facing Calls for Reparations, Wrestles With Legacy of Slavery
Jan 30th 2024, 02:16

Source: ( ABC News - InternationalBrazil—where more than half the population identifies as Black or biracial—has long resisted reckoning with its past. That reluctance has started loosening. Public prosecutors have begun probing Bank of Brazil, Latin America's second-largest financial institution by assets, with $380 billion, for its historical links to the slave trade. Their investigation could yield a recommendation, an agreement, or filing of legal action for reparations.


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