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( How Psychologists Are Using Tech to Meet Huge Demand for Therapy
Jan 5th 2024, 11:51

Source: ( APA MonitorNinety percent of the U.S. public think there is a mental health crisis in America, with half of young adults and one-third of all adults reporting that they have felt anxious either always or often in the past year, according to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and CNN. To meet the overwhelming demand for treatment, some psychologists are turning to "digital therapeutics," and others are "giving psychology away" without charge.


( Data From 2022 California Traffic Stops Show Pervasive Racial Profiling
Jan 5th 2024, 11:26

Source: ( ABC News - US NewsBlack people accounted for nearly 13% of traffic stops in California in 2022, far above their 5% share of the state's population, according to a report released Wednesday under a law designed to address racial profiling of motorists and pedestrians by police. The annual report, compiled by California's Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board, for the first time included data from all law enforcement agencies in the state.


( Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Get Fit?
Jan 5th 2024, 11:23

Source: ( BBC News - TechnologyWith a great many of us now trying to lose weight as a New Year's resolution, can artificial intelligence (AI) personal trainers replace human ones? One such trainer, called Magic AI, can talk to you via loudspeakers and, using cameras to track your workout movements, offer instant feedback and suggestions. As you progress, it devises new workouts. Other popular AI fitness apps include Aaptiv, FitnessAI, Fitbod, Freeletics, VI Trainer, and Whoop.


( Human Beliefs About Drugs May Have Dose-Dependent Effects on the Brain
Jan 5th 2024, 11:00

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthResearchers have shown for the first time that a person's beliefs related to drugs can influence their own brain activity and behavioral responses in a way comparable to the dose-dependent effects of pharmacology. The implications of the study, which focused on beliefs about nicotine, are profound. They range from elucidating the role of beliefs in addiction to optimizing treatments by harnessing the power of human beliefs.


( Young People Turning to AI Therapist Bots
Jan 5th 2024, 00:08

Source: ( BBC News - TechnologyHarry Potter, Elon Musk, Beyoncé, and Vladimir Putin. These are just some of the artificial intelligence (AI) personas you can talk to on—a popular platform where anyone can create chatbots based on fictional or real people. And one bot has been more in demand than those above, called Psychologist. A total of 78 million messages, including 18 million since November, have been shared with the bot since it was created just over a...


( Even in Midlife, Disrupted Sleep Tied to Memory, Thinking Problems Later on
Jan 5th 2024, 00:08

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthPeople who have more disrupted sleep in their 30s and 40s may be more likely to have memory and thinking problems a decade later, according to new research published in the January 3, 2024, online issue of Neurology, a journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study doesn't prove that sleep quality causes cognitive decline—it only shows an association. "The quality rather than the quantity of sleep matters most for cognitive health,"...


( U.S. "Not Seeing Acts of Genocide" in Gaza, State Department Says
Jan 5th 2024, 00:07

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportThe U.S. has not observed acts in Gaza that constitute genocide, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Wednesday, after South Africa launched genocide proceedings at the International Court of Justice over Israel's military operation in the Palestinian enclave. "That is a determination by the State Department," Miller said at a news briefing. He added that he did not have an assessment on whether war crimes have been committed.


( Applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence to Psychology
Jan 4th 2024, 10:36

Source: ( APA MonitorGenerative artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT—which can rapidly produce original text, images, and audio—are changing the way psychologists teach, conduct research, and diagnose and treat patients. Psychologists are also increasingly leading efforts to bring behavioral insights into the creation and deployment of generative AI tools. As AI continues to grow, knowledge of how it impacts individuals, relationships, and societies is now in...


( Resignation of Harvard's President Reflects Campus Culture Wars
Jan 4th 2024, 10:36

Source: ( BBC News - AmericasClaudine Gay's resignation as president of Harvard University is being celebrated as a high-profile victory by conservatives who have objected to her on ideological grounds since she took the job in July 2023. Although allegations of plagiarism in her doctoral thesis were a factor in her exit, there was far more to the story. To many critics, Dr. Gay represented a left-wing ideology that cares more about ethnic and gender diversity than academic...


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