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( Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Psychosis Before It Occurs
Feb 12th 2024, 08:32

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthThe onset of psychosis can be predicted before it occurs, using a machine-learning tool that examines MRI brain scans and flags people at risk of a psychotic episode. An international consortium of researchers used the tool to compare scans from over 2,000 people, half of whom were at high risk of psychosis. Using training data, the classifier was 85% accurate at predicting who would develope psychotic symptoms. Using new data, it was 73%...


( 1 in 5 of World's Migratory Species at Risk of Extinction, U.N. Reports
Feb 12th 2024, 08:31

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportMore than a fifth of the world's migrating species are at risk of going extinct due to climate change and human encroachment, according to the United Nation's first-ever report on migrating animals published on Monday. Of the 1,189 species covered by a 1979 U.N. convention to protect migratory animals—who cross deserts, plains, or oceans each year to breed and feed—44% have seen numbers decline, and as many as 22% could vanish altogether,...


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