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( How to Manage OCD: 6 Methods and Resources | Psych Central
Oct 26th 2023, 14:43

2. Resist the temptation to solve the ‘problem’. OCD can create many dilemmas without offering a true resolution. When the dilemma arises, you feel compelled to constantly try and resolve the ...

( The 12 Symptoms of a Panic Attack - Psych Central
Oct 26th 2023, 14:43

Shortness of breath and smothering sensation. During a panic attack, many people hyperventilate or feel like they’re suffocating. This can cause you to cough, gag, or even vomit. As intense and ...

( How to Find Peace of Mind in 6 Steps - Psych Central
Oct 26th 2023, 14:43

Finding Peace of Mind: 6 Steps Toward Lasting Serenity. Accept what you can’t change. Forgive. Stay present. Focus on yourself. Keep a journal. Connect with nature. Takeaway. In a frantic world ...

( Complex PTSD: Symptoms, Signs, and Triggers | Psych Central
Oct 26th 2023, 14:43

hypervigilance, or being on “high alert”. trouble concentrating. startling easily. trouble sleeping. But if you live with C-PTSD, you could have more severe DSO-type symptoms, like: a negative ...

( How a Person with Bipolar Disorder Thinks: Fact vs. Fiction - Psych Central
Oct 26th 2023, 14:43

Unstable. Untrustworthy. Unreliable. Unable to take care of themselves. Unable to manage their moods. There are many misconceptions about how a person living with bipolar disorder thinks and acts ...

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