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( Unhappy? Anxious? How You Sleep May Be the Cause
Dec 21st 2023, 08:34

Source: ( Google News - HealthNot getting enough sleep, or sleeping poorly, can greatly affect your mood and mental health, according to a new meta-analysis published in the journal Psychological Bulletin, based on 154 studies. "We found that all forms of sleep loss—total sleep deprivation, partial sleep loss, and sleep fragmentation—resulted in emotional changes. The strongest and most consistent effect was that sleep loss reduced positive mood," said co-lead author...


( Spinal Cord Stimulation May Improve Mental Health
Dec 21st 2023, 08:34

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsBelieve it or not, your spinal cord may be a pathway to better mood and even an end to depression, new research suggests. The investigators stressed that their pilot study—to see whether tweaking the spinal cord can ease depression—is in its early stages. However, 20-minute sessions did seem to deliver mental health benefits. As the scientists explained it, the spinal cord serves as a kind of neuronal highway traveling to the brain's mood...


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