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( Psychedelic drug-induced hyperconnectivity in the brain helps clarify altered subjective experiences
May 23rd 2024, 15:36

A new study shows that the use of psilocybin, a compound found in the widely known 'magic mushrooms,' initiates a pattern of hyperconnectivity in the brain linked to the ego-modifying effects and feelings of oceanic boundlessness. The findings help explain the so-called mystical experiences people report during the use of psychedelics and are pertinent to the psychotherapeutic applications of psychedelic drugs to treat psychiatric disorders such as depression.

( Researchers unveil shared and unique brain molecular dysregulations in PTSD and depression
May 23rd 2024, 15:36

Researchers analyzed multi-omic data from 231 people with PTSD or depression to uncover distinct molecular differences that might affect systems such as the nervous and immune systems, to contribute to these mental health conditions.

( Tracking the cellular and genetic roots of neuropsychiatric disease
May 23rd 2024, 15:32

A new analysis has revealed detailed information about genetic variation in brain cells that could open new avenues for the targeted treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.

( New method for diagnosing sleep disorders in children
May 22nd 2024, 13:05

Research has resulted in a new method of screening for sleep disorders in children. The tool, the first of its kind, allows health professionals to assess children for multiple sleep problems at once, resulting in a quicker evaluation and more targeted treatment recommendations.

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