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( Nighttime Heat Significantly Increases the Risk of Stroke
May 22nd 2024, 13:22

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthClimate change is generating more and more extreme weather events. These include extremely hot, so-called "tropical nights." Now, a study of approximately 11,000 strokes over 15 years suggests that night-time heat may come with a price. The analysis found that extreme heat at night increases the risk of stroke by 7%, and that elderly people and women are especially at risk. The report appears in European Heart Journal.


( European Council Approves "Risk-Based" AI Regulations
May 22nd 2024, 13:21

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsThe European Council gave final clearance Tuesday far a "risk-based approach" for regulating the use of artificial intelligence. Under the Artificial Intelligence Act, the bloc will gauge use of AI, with higher risk implementations facing stricter rules. The act was described as a "first of its kind" standard, which the European Union said would encourage "safe and trustworthy" AI systems across the market in public and private sectors.


( Microsoft's AI Chatbot Will "Recall" Everything You Do on a PC
May 22nd 2024, 04:03

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportMicrosoft wants laptop users to get so comfortable with its artificial intelligence chatbot that it will remember everything you're doing on your computer and help figure out what you want to do next. The software giant on Monday revealed a new class of AI-imbued personal computers as it competes with Big Tech rivals in developing generative AI technology that can compose documents, make images, and serve as a lifelike personal assistant at work...


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