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( Seeing not just with the eyes: Degree of arousal affects perception
May 17th 2024, 11:15

The brain modulates visual signals according to internal states, as a new study by neuroscientists reveals.

( Large language models can't effectively recognize users' motivation, but can support behavior change for those ready to act
May 16th 2024, 16:05

Large language model-based chatbots can't effectively recognize users' motivation when they are hesitant about making healthy behavior changes, but they can support those who are committed to take action, say researchers.

( Imaging fibrous structure abnormalities of the white of the eye in myopathic patients
May 16th 2024, 16:05

Abnormalities in the shape of the sclera, the white of the eye, can cause various complications and lead to blindness. However, techniques to observe the sclera in detail, such as its fibrous structure, are lacking. Now, researchers have used polarization-sensitive optical computed tomography to accurately visualize the density and orientation of scleral fibers in the eyes of living patients, opening doors to understanding ocular pathologies better and developing effective diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

( Different brain structures in females lead to more severe cognitive deficits after concussion than males
May 16th 2024, 16:05

Important brain structures that are key for signaling in the brain are narrower and less dense in females, and more likely to be damaged by brain injuries, such as concussion. Long-term cognitive deficits occur when the signals between brain structures weaken due to the injury. The structural differences in male and female brains might explain why females are more prone to concussions and experience longer recovery from the injury than their male counterparts.

( The vicious cycle of protein clumping in Alzheimer's disease and normal aging
May 16th 2024, 16:05

To date, approaches to treatments for Alzheimer's disease have not addressed the contribution of protein insolubility as a general phenomenon, instead focusing on one or two insoluble proteins. Researchers have recently completed a systematic study in worms that paints an intricate picture of the connections between insoluble proteins in neurodegenerative diseases and aging. Furthermore, the work demonstrated an intervention that could reverse the toxic effects of the aggregates by boosting mitochondrial health.

( New gene delivery vehicle shows promise for human brain gene therapy
May 16th 2024, 16:05

In an important step toward more effective gene therapies for brain diseases, researchers have engineered a gene-delivery vehicle that uses a human protein to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver a disease-relevant gene to the brain in mice expressing the human protein. Because the vehicle binds to a well-studied protein in the blood-brain barrier, the scientists say it has a good chance at working in patients.

( Singing repairs the language network of the brain after a cerebrovascular accident
May 16th 2024, 12:26

Singing rehabilitates speech production in post-stroke aphasia. Researchers investigated the rehabilitative effect of singing on the brain.

( Gene therapy relieves back pain, repairs damaged disc in mice
May 16th 2024, 12:25

Disc-related back pain may one day meet its therapeutic match: gene therapy delivered by naturally derived nanocarriers that, a new study shows, repairs damaged discs in the spine and lowers pain symptoms in mice.

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