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( Scientists want to know how the smells of nature benefit our health
May 15th 2024, 16:42

Spending time in nature is good for us. And knowing more about nature's effects on our bodies could not only help our well-being, but could also improve how we care for land, preserve ecosystems and design cities, homes and parks. Many studies have focused on how seeing nature affects us. A team of scientists from around the world wants to understand what the nose knows. They are calling for more research into how odors and scents from natural settings impact our health and well-being.

( The crystallization of memory: Study reveals how practice forms new memory pathways in the brain
May 15th 2024, 16:41

A new study has shown that repetitive practice not only is helpful in improving skills but also leads to profound changes in the brain's memory pathways.

( Research sheds light on how proteins linked to Alzheimer's disease influence neuronal growth
May 15th 2024, 12:28

New research has shed light in the complex interplay between cell proteins, and how they impact on neurons in neurodevelopmental disorders and Alzheimer's disease.

( New group training tool for the prevention of dementia
May 15th 2024, 12:28

The system is already in use in retirement homes. Researchers have now tested how effective it is in a scientific study.

( Two genes of the germline are essential for the development of brain tumors in Drosophila
May 15th 2024, 12:27

Researchers have discovered that blocking both genes brings about a significant reduction in tumor size. The study reveals important differences between tumors in male and female Drosophila and how this often overlooked biological variable could impact cancer treatment.

( Alzheimer's disease without symptoms: How is that possible?
May 15th 2024, 12:27

Everyone experiences aging in their own way, and factors such as genetics, lifestyle and environment play a role in this process. Some individuals reach the age of 90 or even 100 in good health, without medications or brain disease. But how do these individuals maintain their health as they age?

( An astrocytic pH regulator that can repair the blood-brain barrier and reverse brain damage caused by ischemic stroke
May 15th 2024, 12:27

A recent study has found that an ion transporter protein that regulates the pH of specific brain cells can repair the blood-brain barrier and restore normal brain function after ischemic stroke. The study has revealed novel and specific therapeutic targets for ischemic stroke and related brain conditions for which no targeted treatments exist currently.

( Study links sleep apnea severity during REM stage to verbal memory decline
May 14th 2024, 18:34

A research team has revealed the link between the frequency of sleep apnea events during the rapid-eye-movement stage and the severity of verbal memory impairment in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease. Verbal memory refers to the cognitive ability to retain and recall information presented through spoken words or written text and is particularly vulnerable to Alzheimer's.

( Study explores role of epigenetics, environment in differing Alzheimer's risk between Black and white communities
May 14th 2024, 14:15

Environmentally caused alterations to specific areas of the genome -- known as imprint control regions -- during early development may contribute to the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, and Black people may be more affected than white people.

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