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( Some brain cells age faster and are more prevalent in Alzheimer's
May 14th 2024, 14:13

Engineers have discovered that some brain cells age more rapidly than others, and they are disproportionately abundant in individuals afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, researchers observed male-female-specific differences in the aging process of certain brain cells, with the female cortex exhibiting a higher ratio of 'old' oligodendrocytes to 'old' neurons compared to the male cortex. The discoveries were made possible by a new technique called MUSIC (multinucleic acid interaction mapping in single cells), which allows researchers to peek inside individual brain cells and map out interactions between chromatin--which is the tightly coiled form of DNA -- and RNA.

( Innovative 'mini-brains' could revolutionize Alzheimer's treatment
May 14th 2024, 14:12

New research could revolutionize the way Alzheimer's and other brain-related diseases are diagnosed and treated -- by building tiny brains in a petri dish.

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