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( 'Wraparound' implants represent new approach to treating spinal cord injuries
May 8th 2024, 14:06

A tiny, flexible electronic device that wraps around the spinal cord could represent a new approach to the treatment of spinal injuries, which can cause profound disability and paralysis. A team of engineers, neuroscientists and surgeons developed the devices and used them to record the nerve signals going back and forth between the brain and the spinal cord. Unlike current approaches, the new devices can record 360-degree information, giving a complete picture of spinal cord activity.

( 'Mathematical microscope' reveals novel, energy-efficient mechanism of working memory that works even during sleep
May 8th 2024, 09:37

Researchers have discovered a mechanism that creates memories while reducing metabolic cost, even during sleep. This efficient memory occurs in a part of the brain that is crucial for learning and memory, and where Alzheimer's disease begins.

( Why getting in touch with our 'gerbil brain' could help machines listen better
May 7th 2024, 14:46

Researchers have debunked a 75-year-old theory about how humans determine where sounds are coming from, and it could unlock the secret to creating a next generation of more adaptable and efficient hearing devices ranging from hearing aids to smartphones.

( Human 'neural compass' pinpointed in new study
May 6th 2024, 13:15

A pattern of brain activity that helps prevent us from getting lost has been identified in a new study.

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