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( Research breakthrough on birth defect affecting brain size
May 1st 2024, 19:36

A team has identified a molecular cellular mechanism that is linked to microencephaly, a condition in which a baby's head is much smaller than expected.

( Brain imaging study reveals connections critical to human consciousness
May 1st 2024, 15:29

A new study involved high-resolution scans that enabled the researchers to visualize brain connections at submillimeter spatial resolution. Together, these pathways form a 'default ascending arousal network' that sustains wakefulness in the resting, conscious human brain.

( Sleep resets brain connections -- but only for first few hours
May 1st 2024, 12:58

During sleep, the brain weakens the new connections between neurons that had been forged while awake -- but only during the first half of a night's sleep, according to a new study.

( Nutrient research reveals pathway for treating brain disorders
May 1st 2024, 12:51

The team discovered that an essential nutrient called choline is transported into the brain, across the blood-brain barrier, by a protein transporter called FLVCR2. This is discovery will inform future design of drugs for diseases such as Alzheimer's and stroke, mimicking choline so they can be smuggled into the brain.

( A blood test for stroke risk? Biomarker for risk of future cerebrovascular disease
May 1st 2024, 09:16

A simple blood test could allow doctors to determine whether a person may be at higher risk for stroke or cognitive decline during their lifetime, according to a new study.

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