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( Virtual rehabilitation provides benefits for stroke recovery
Mar 28th 2024, 16:24

A stroke often impacts a person's ability to move their lower body from the hips down to the feet. This leads to diminished quality of life and mental health in addition to increased susceptibility to falls. But now, researchers are exploring new treatment methods to help bridge the service delivery gap, and recovery outcomes, for patients after a stroke.

( Suppressing boredom at work hurts future productivity, study shows
Mar 28th 2024, 11:10

New research shows that trying to stifle boredom at work prolongs its effects and that alternating boring and meaningful tasks helps to prevent the effects of one boring task from spilling over to reduce productivity on others.

( Familial Alzheimer's disease transferred via bone marrow transplant in mice
Mar 28th 2024, 11:10

Familial Alzheimer's disease can be transferred via bone marrow transplant, researchers show. When the team transplanted bone marrow stem cells from mice carrying a hereditary version of Alzheimer's disease into normal lab mice, the recipients developed Alzheimer's disease -- and at an accelerated rate.

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