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( U.S. Is Changing Race and Ethnicity Categories for First Time in 27 Years
Mar 28th 2024, 13:35

Source: ( Google News - HealthOn the next U.S. census and future federal government forms, the list of checkboxes for a person's race and ethnicity is officially getting longer. The Biden administration has approved proposals for a new response option for "Middle Eastern or North African" and a "Hispanic or Latino" box that appears under a reformatted question that asks: "What is your race and/or ethnicity?" Going forward, respondents will be asked to "Check all that apply."


( Boys Disappearing From Mental Health Care As Depression Goes Undetected
Mar 28th 2024, 13:34

Source: ( APA PsycPORT™: Psychology NewswireExperts are warning that boys and young men are not getting the mental health help they need. For example, a recent study in the journal Pediatrics found that while antidepressant prescriptions have risen dramatically for teenage girls and women in their 20s, such prescriptions for young men declined sharply during the COVID pandemic and did not recover. Why? It appears that many boys stopped visiting doctors and disengaged from mental...


( Ireland to Intervene in South Africa Genocide Case Against Israel
Mar 28th 2024, 13:34

Source: ( BBC News - EuropeIreland said Wednesday that Israel's actions in Gaza violate international humanitarian law "on a mass scale" and that it would intervene in South Africa's genocide case against Israel, which is being heard by the United Nations' International Court of Justice. In the intervention, allowed under Article 63 of the court's statute, Ireland will not be arguing whether genocide is taking place but will be asserting its interpretation of the Genocide...


( Nobel Prize-Winning Psychologist Daniel Kahneman Dies at 90
Mar 27th 2024, 12:02

Source: ( BBC News - Top HeadlinesNobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman has died at age 90. He became synonymous with behavioral economics, even though he never took a course of economics. Kahneman wrote the best-selling book Thinking, Fast and Slow, which summarized decades of research debunking the notion that people are rational beings who act only out of self-interest. His death was announced by Princeton University, where he had been a professor since 1993.


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