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( Researchers introduce enhanced brain signal analysis technique
Mar 27th 2024, 18:25

Researchers have introduced a new, refined method for analyzing brain signals, enhancing our understanding of brain functionality. This research has the potential to improve treatments for neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, pain, epilepsy and depression.

( Could AI play a role in locating damage to the brain after stroke?
Mar 27th 2024, 18:25

Artificial intelligence (AI) may serve as a future tool for neurologists to help locate where in the brain a stroke occurred. In a new study, AI processed text from health histories and neurologic examinations to locate lesions in the brain. The study looked specifically at the large language model called generative pre-trained transformer 4 (GPT-4).

( Making long-term memories requires nerve-cell damage
Mar 27th 2024, 12:48

Just as you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, scientists have found that you can't make long-term memories without DNA damage and brain inflammation.

( Risk factors for faster aging in the brain revealed in new study
Mar 27th 2024, 12:47

Researchers have used data from UK Biobank participants to reveal that diabetes, traffic-related air pollution and alcohol intake are the most harmful out of 15 modifiable risk factors for dementia.

( Not unique to humans but uniquely human: researchers identify factor involved in brain expansion in humans
Mar 27th 2024, 12:46

What makes us human? According to neurobiologists it is our neocortex. This outer layer of the brain is rich in neurons and lets us do abstract thinking, create art, and speak complex languages. An international team has identified a new factor that might have contributed to neocortex expansion in humans.

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