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( Human brains are getting larger: That may be good news for dementia risk
Mar 25th 2024, 17:24

A new study has found human brains are getting bigger. The increased size may lead to a brain reserve, potentially reducing the risk of dementia.

( The aging brain: Protein mapping furnishes new insights
Mar 22nd 2024, 14:55

For the neurons in the brain to work smoothly and be able to process information, the central nervous system needs a strictly regulated environment. This is maintained by the blood-brain barrier, whereby specialized brain endothelial cells lining the inner walls of blood vessels regulate the exchange of molecules between the circulatory and nervous systems. Earlier studies have shown that various functions that are dependent on these cells, such as the integrity of the blood-brain barrier or the regulation of blood supply to the brain, decline over the course of a person's life. This dysregulation leads to a dysfunction of the brain vasculature and is therefore a major contributor to medical conditions such as strokes and dementia.

( Early intervention after the first seizure may prevent long-term epilepsy and associated cognitive deficits
Mar 22nd 2024, 14:54

Only a very small percentage of neurons show changes after an epileptic seizure in mice, but these alterations can be permanent and trigger future seizures. An experimental treatment may prevent these long-term changes.

( High-resolution brain created with 3D printer
Mar 21st 2024, 15:54

A 3D-printed 'brain phantom' has been developed, which is modeled on the structure of brain fibers and can be imaged using a special variant of magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI). The scientific team has now shown in a study, these brain models can be used to advance research into neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.

( The power of neighbors: Neighboring synapses shape learning and memory
Mar 21st 2024, 15:54

A researcher has developed a new model that provides a holistic view on how our brain manages to learn quickly and forms stable, long-lasting memories. Their study sheds light on the crucial role of interactions among neighboring contact sites of nerve cells for brain plasticity -- the brain's ability to adapt to new experiences.

( Is the secret to anxiety in young women hidden in our brain chemistry?
Mar 19th 2024, 12:30

The development of anxiety in girls and young women may stem from an imbalance between two crucial brain chemicals, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate, according to a new study. This discovery offers promising insights into potential treatment avenues for girls and women dealing with anxiety.

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