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( Tennessee Becomes First State to Protect Musicians >From AI
Mar 22nd 2024, 12:24

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsTennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed legislation to protect musicians from artificial intelligence, making it the first U.S. state to enact such a bill amid concerns about the advanced technology. Lee signed the bill Thursday at Robert's Western World, a live country music bar in Nashville, a city said to be the home of country music. The Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security Act is also known as the ELVIS Act, a reference to singer Elvis...


( Alabama Bars Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs
Mar 21st 2024, 06:18

Source: ( Google News - HealthAlabama Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday signed legislation that bans diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at public schools, universities, and state agencies. Republicans say that DEI programs deepen divisions and promote a particular political viewpoint. But opponents say it is a rollback of hard-won advances and programs that welcome underrepresented student populations. The measure is set to take effect October 1.


( Mental Health May Improve with 20 Seconds of Daily Affirmations
Mar 21st 2024, 06:18

Source: ( APA PsycPORT™: Psychology NewswireRepeat this line: "I feel happy, calm, and fulfilled." It may not be as easy as that, but acts of self-compassion can boost mental health, according to new research. The study, published in the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy, found that college students who say affirming things to themselves for 20 seconds per day experience greater emotional well-being and lower levels of stress than students in a control group.


( U.S. Rolls Out Tailpipe Rules That Will Boost EVs and Hybrids
Mar 21st 2024, 06:17

Source: ( Google News - HealthThe Biden administration on Wednesday finalized one of the most significant pieces of its ambitious climate agenda: new tailpipe rules for passenger cars and trucks that will decisively push the U.S. auto market toward electric vehicles and hybrids. But in a concession to automakers and labor unions, the rules will be phased in more slowly than originally proposed and will give automakers more choices for how to comply.


( U.N. Adopts First Global Artificial Intelligence Resolution
Mar 21st 2024, 06:16

Source: ( PBS ScienceThe General Assembly approved the first United Nations resolution on artificial intelligence Thursday, giving global support for ensuring the powerful new technology benefits all nations, respects human rights, and is "safe, secure and trustworthy." The resolution, sponsored by the United States and co-sponsored by 123 countries, was adopted by consensus with a bang of the gavel and without a vote, meaning it has the support of all 193 U.N....


( U.S. Bill Would Require Labeling of AI-Generated Online Content
Mar 21st 2024, 06:09

Source: ( ABC News - PoliticsBipartisan legislation introduced in the U.S. House Thursday would require the identification and labeling of online images, videos, and audio generated using artificial intelligence—the latest effort to rein in so-called deepfakes that can be hard or even impossible to tell from the real thing. AI has already been used to impersonate celebrities and world leaders, prompting fears it could increase misinformation, sexual exploitation, and...


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