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( Research offers hope for preventing post-COVID 'brain fog' by targeting brain's blood vessels
Mar 21st 2024, 15:48

Researchers have identified a mechanism that causes neurological problems in mice infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. The researchers also found a treatment that helped prevent these changes.

( Study suggests an 'odor sensor' may explain male and female differences in blood pressure
Mar 20th 2024, 16:04

Using data from both mice and humans, a research team has found that a cell surface protein that senses odors and chemicals may be responsible for -- and help explain -- male/female differences in mammalian blood pressure.

( Early identification of persistent pain plus holistic interventions cut opioid use
Mar 20th 2024, 12:24

In a new study, researchers found that a carefully worded, short questionnaire successfully identified people who were most likely to develop chronic pain. These patients were then steered to a more detailed risk stratification and holistic services that led to better outcomes.

( While social media changes over decades, conversation dynamics stay the same, new study suggests
Mar 20th 2024, 12:07

A new study has identified recurring, 'toxic' human conversation patterns on social media, which are common to users irrespective of the platform used, the topic of discussion, and the decade in which the conversation took place.

( Study shows middle-aged Americans are lonelier than European peers, suggests loneliness in midlife is endemic
Mar 18th 2024, 14:23

New research has shown that not only are middle-aged Americans lonelier than their same-age peers in Europe, but levels of loneliness are also increasing across generations in the U.S. and Europe.

( Study eases concern at antipsychotics use in pregnancy
Mar 18th 2024, 14:23

The use of antipsychotics during pregnancy isn't linked to childhood neurodevelopmental disorders or learning difficulties, study suggests -- giving assurance to those concerned about continuing their medications during pregnancy.

( Researchers find unanticipated complexity in aging brain's memory decline
Mar 18th 2024, 14:22

Researchers have discovered that the causes of age-related memory decline are more complicated than previously believed. Their study found that neural dedifferentiation is driven by different mechanisms depending on the type of visual stimuli the brain is trying to recall.

( Researchers identify a signaling molecule in neuroblastoma immunosuppression and aggressiveness
Mar 15th 2024, 16:10

The MYCN oncoprotein plays a key role in starting, advancing and making it difficult to treat various human cancers. When MYCN is overactive, especially in high-risk neuroblastoma, the tumors become less responsive to immunotherapy -- a treatment that uses the body's immune system to fight cancer. Still, recognition of this problem has not led to any effective strategies to tackle this problem. In a new study, researchers found that MYCN selectively increases the levels of a signaling molecule, CKLF, in neuroblastoma cells to suppress anti-tumor immune responses and promote tumor aggressiveness.

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