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( Metformin during pregnancy affects the brain development in offspring mice, study finds
Mar 20th 2024, 16:05

With the rise in gestational diabetes and metabolic disorders during pregnancy, metformin is also being prescribed more frequently. Although it is known that the oral antidiabetic agent can cross the placental barrier, the impacts on the brain development of the child are largely unknown. Researchers have now been able to demonstrate in a mouse model that although metformin has positive effects in pregnant animals, it does not in the offspring.

( Social bonding gets people on the same wavelength
Mar 20th 2024, 12:25

When small hierarchical groups bond, neural activity between leaders and followers aligns, promoting quicker and more frequent communication, according to a new study.

( Biomarkers of the middle-aged brain predict cognitive health in old age
Mar 19th 2024, 12:29

The middle-aged brain could provide a window into future cognitive health. A team reviewed evidence from human and animal studies suggesting that middle age -- commonly considered as the period between 40 and 60 or 65 years of age -- marks a shift in brain aging. They argue that more research should be dedicated to middle age, a period of life that is historically understudied.

( Abnormal brain structure identified in children with developmental language problems
Mar 15th 2024, 16:09

A rigorous analysis of numerous studies concludes that a part of the brain traditionally associated with movement is abnormal in children with developmental language impairments. The discovery has the potential to improve both the diagnosis and treatment of the language difficulties.

( New study reveals breakthrough in understanding brain stimulation therapies
Mar 15th 2024, 16:09

Researchers show that non-invasive brain stimulation can change a specific brain mechanism that is directly related to human behavior.

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