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( Genocide Case Against Israel: Where Does the Rest of the World Stand?
Jan 14th 2024, 09:51

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportSouth Africa says more than 50 countries—mostly from the Arab world and Africa—support for its case at the United Nations' top court accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians in the war in Gaza. In contrast, no Western country has declared support for South Africa's allegations against Israel. The U.S., a close Israel ally, has rejected them as unfounded, the U.K. has called them unjustified, and Germany has said it "explicitly...


( As Israel-Hamas War Reaches 100 Days, Here's the Conflict by Numbers
Jan 14th 2024, 09:51

Source: ( Google News - HealthNow 100 days old, the latest Israel-Hamas war is by far the longest, bloodiest, and most destructive conflict between the bitter enemies. The fighting erupted on October 7, when Hamas carried out a deadly attack on Israel. Since then, Israel has relentlessly pounded the Gaza Strip. Here's a look in numbers at the toll of the Israel-Hamas war, sourced from Palestinian Health Ministry and Israeli officials as well as international observers and...


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