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Digitial Health (Technology) Daily Digest (Unofficial)


( Technology identifies risk of pressure injuries before wounds progress
Apr 2nd 2024, 09:51

Pressure injuries are a major risk in intensive nursing and care environments, but once visible, they are much more difficult to treat.

( Digital Health Coffee Time Briefing ☕
Apr 2nd 2024, 08:04

Today's briefing features Archangel launching its Responder app and thousands of type 1 diabetes patients set to receive an 'artificial pancreas'.

( Brainomix e-Lung better identifies lung fibrosis patients at risk of decline
Apr 2nd 2024, 06:00

Research has shown that Brainomix’s AI-powered e-Lung software can more accurately identify lung fibrosis patients most at risk of decline.

( Rickles: Shared care records the ‘Cinderella service of frontline digitisation’
Apr 2nd 2024, 03:30

Lee Rickles believes shared care records are “the Cinderella service of frontline digitisation” and do not get enough funding like other initiatives.

( NHSE guidance asks systems to continue levelling up of digital maturity
Apr 1st 2024, 09:30

In its 2024/25 priorities and operational planning guidance, NHSE has asked systems to continue supporting the levelling up of provider digital maturity.

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