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( How AI Helps Assess Credit Risk, Navigate Complex Processes
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

Synechron's Ivan Perić on Mitigating Credit Issues, Ensuring Regulatory ComplianceCredit risk is a persistent challenge for financial institutions, particularly in business lending. Ivan Perić, head of global artificial intelligence R&D at Synechron, discussed how AI can assess credit risk, ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate operational risks.

( Backdoor Found and Defused in Widely Used Linux Utility XZ
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

Malicious Code in Utility Designed to Facilitate Full, Remote Access to SystemNation-state attackers apparently backdoored widely used, open-source data compression software as part of a supply chain attack. Malicious code inserted into recent versions of XZ Utils was designed to facilitate full, remote access to an infected system.

( ShadowRay Attack Strikes AI Workloads
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

Thousands of AI Workloads Compromised Amid CVE Vulnerability DisputeAn active attack campaign dubbed ShadowRay is targeting the widely used Ray open-source artificial intelligence scaling framework. It stems from a vulnerability that researchers say is a flaw but that Ray's developers say is a deliberate design choice.

( Alphabet's Plans to Fight Election Misinformation With Jigsaw
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

Google Cloud CISO on Curbing AI-Driven Misinformation CampaignsWith elections in more than 50 countries this year, bad actors and nation-states will likely misuse AI to misinform 2 billion voters. Mark Johnston, director of the office of the CISO at Google Cloud, explains how pre-bunking techniques can help users check AI-driven misinformation campaigns.

( Live Webinar | Identity Security in 2024: The Key to Compliance in Today's Regulatory Landscape
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

( OnDemand | Innovate and Secure: How AI is Changing the Game in Secrets Scanning
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

( OnDemand | Unleashing AI for Cybersecurity: Empowering Non-Experts to Take Action
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

( PKI Modernization: Preparing for Emerging Challenges Such as PQC and AI
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

( Is It Generative AI's Fault, or Do We Blame Human Beings?
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

AI is on the way to embedding itself in our daily lives. CISO Sam Curry and his brother, CMO Red Curry, discuss what generative AI means for copyrights and plagiarism, the "AI bubble," and whether governing AI-derived speech will wind up limiting free speech.

( Properly Vetting AI Before It's Deployed in Healthcare
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

The U.S. healthcare sector needs to closely watch government regulatory and legislative developments involving artificial intelligence, including the European Union AI Act, said Lee Kim, senior principal of cybersecurity and privacy at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

( Large Language Models: Moving Past the Early Stage
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

AI, machine learning and large language models are not new, but they are coming to fruition with the mass adoption of generative AI. For cybersecurity professionals, these are "exciting times we live in," said Dan Grosu, CTO and CISO at Information Security Media Group.

( How Clinicians Are Using AI to Communicate With Patients
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

The University of Texas Medical Branch just began piloting an AI assistant integrated into the organization's Epic MyChart patient portal platform, and already clinicians are seeing efficiencies in responding to patient messages, said UTMB's CIO George Gaddie and CMIO Carlos Clark.

( How to Hire, Retain and Inspire Exceptional Employees
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

Leading Means Admitting What You Don't Know - And Other Tips for LeadersBeing an effective leader involves recognizing and embracing the expertise of others, particularly in areas where your own knowledge is limited. Here are tips on how to attract top talent and retain these exceptional employees by fostering a culture of excellence, innovation and continuous learning.

( New Regulations Pose Compliance Challenges
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

How to Navigate New SEC RulesThe new SEC rules, which took effect in late 2023, introduce mandatory cyber-incident reporting requirements for all U.S.-listed companies.

( How AI Is Shaping an Inclusive and Diverse Future
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

AI's Transformative Impact and Challenges in Developing RegionsAI presents enormous opportunities for reducing inequalities and promoting inclusivity in developing regions, but its deployment must be guided by ethical practices and a conscious effort to integrate diversity and inclusion at every stage. We must leverage AI responsibly.

( The AI Revolution and White-Collar Workers
Apr 2nd 2024, 16:54

Will AI Be a Catalyst for Innovation or a Source of Displacement?If we proactively tackle the complexities of the AI revolution, we can ensure that it serves as a catalyst for innovation rather than a source of displacement. With thoughtful planning and inclusive policies, the integration of AI into the professional world can enhance human potential.

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