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( Pilot study shows ketogenic diet improves severe mental illness
Apr 1st 2024, 14:24

A small clinical trial found that the metabolic effects of a ketogenic diet may help stabilize the brain.

( Universal brain-computer interface lets people play games with just their thoughts
Apr 1st 2024, 14:24

Engineers have created a brain-computer interface that doesn't require calibration for each user, paving the way for widespread clinical applicability.

( A decade of aphantasia research: what we've learned about people who can't visualize
Mar 27th 2024, 12:46

People who can't visualize an image in their mind's eye are less likely to remember the details of important past personal events or to recognize faces, according to a review of nearly ten years of research. People who cannot bring to mind visual imagery are also less likely to experience imagery of other kinds, like imagining music, according to new research by the academic who first discovered the phenomenon.

( Job flexibility and security promotes better mental health among employees
Mar 26th 2024, 17:01

A new study found that employed adults with greater job flexibility and higher job security were less likely to experience serious psychological distress or anxiety. Greater job flexibility and higher job security were also associated with fewer days on average worked while feeling ill.

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