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( Members in the News – September 26, 2023
Sep 26th 2023, 15:15

Staci Knox is a member of NASW-IL:( Social
media hurting kids’ mental health, performance
The Telegraph
There is growing evidence linking heavy social media use with increased
risks for anxiety and depression, according to 
OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center. Officials said that these mental
health issues can, in turn, impact a student’s school performance, such as
difficulties focusing, studying, or even simply attending school. “The pressure
to maintain a perfect online image, fueled by constant comparison to peers, can
lead to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety,” according to Staci M. Knox,
LCSW, manager of psychological services at OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center.

Natasha Scott is a member of the NASW-NC board of directors:( [Video]
Mental Health Town Hall: Youth & Young Adults
PBSAcademic pressure, social media and societal expectations are taking
a toll on the mental well-being of young people. Learn how K–12 schools,
higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations are fostering
resilience within the next generation.

Julia Rose is president of the NASW-IA board of directors:( The
Iowa Underground Railroad Bike Ride will lead cyclists through 136 miles of
Little Village
A portion of Iowa’s rich abolitionist history will be revealed for some,
and refreshed for others, during the new Iowa Underground Railroad Bike Ride. Presented
by Iowa’s National Association of Social Workers, the Des Moines branch of
Black Girls Do Bike and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, the two-and-a-half-day ride
combines learning, endurance and community in the southwest Iowa towns of Lewis
and Tabor. According to Julia Rose, the board president for the Iowa National
Association of Social Workers, a bicycle tour provides the “ability to slow
down and see things and process things a little bit better than driving.”

Prem Pariyar is a member of NASW-CA:( Why
some South Asians are on a hunger strike to end caste discrimination in
Cal MattersToday, as one of the first Nepali Dalit social workers and a leader
with the National Association of Social Workers, I’ve come to realize the
truth I suspected: I’m not alone in this. Many Dalits arrive in California
thinking they’ve left the stigma of untouchability behind, only to encounter
similar prejudices that manifest as wage discrepancies, workplace maltreatment,
social ostracism and even challenges to secure fair housing. 

Patricia Stamos is a member of NASW-OR:( VA
Firings Reversed, So Trump Makes Grievance Settlement a Campaign Issue
Labor Notes
In the meantime, actual whistleblowers like Patty Stamos paid a heavy
price. Stamos, then a member of AFGE Local 2152, was a licensed clinical
social worker at a community-based clinic in Auburn, California, which
serves about 4,000 veterans. According to Stamos, “over 50 mental health
patients, some high risk for suicide, failed to receive vital mental health
care” during two periods of her approved absence.… Stamos is now employed at a
private clinic in Oregon; she is eligible for back pay and reinstatement under
the AFGE grievance settlement. She is still jousting with HR at the VA over
what kind of job they are now offering her. Stamos estimates that her back pay,
minus interim earnings, will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Andrea Marano is a member of NASW-NYS:( 4 types of bullying parents
should be aware of, according to experts
As ( Andrea
Marano, a licensed clinical social worker, explains, “In order for
something to be bullying rather than everyday conflict, it must be all of these
things: intentional, repeated, aggressive, and the creation of or capitalization
of a power imbalance due to differences in identities, whether that is racial,
gender, sexual orientation, ability or other identifying factors.”

Sheilah Gauch is a member of NASW-MA:( Why
Caregivers’ Mental Health is Suffering
Psychology TodayLet’s ask ourselves why caregivers’ mental health is suffering
and explore what we could do differently. When we understand the complexity of
this type of ( caregiving (the chronic
sorrow, ( trauma, isolation, otherness) we
can team with them—not vilify them—revolutionizing how we help them, and their

Jennifer Calder is a member of NASW-VT:( As
student loan repayments resume, financial experts offer resources for
Vermont Public( Jennifer
Calder is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who
specializes in financial therapy for individuals and couples. Calder says
she’s had a lot of clients approach her recently with anxiety about student
loan repayments. “I’ve definitely talked to people about them. And they’re
very stressed out. A lot of people don’t know how they’re going to make it. And
it’s a big pressure for them. Now, it does impact sleep and general well being,
too,” Calder says. But financial stress and anxiety can be common even
without the presence of educational debt.

Forwarded by:
Michael Reeder LCPC
Baltimore, MD

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