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( California Sues Oil Giants, Saying They Misled Public on Climate Change
Sep 17th 2023, 03:40

Source: ( Google News - HealthThe state of California has filed a sweeping climate lawsuit against Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron, as well as the domestic oil industry's biggest lobby, the American Petroleum Institute. The suit, filed Friday, claims that the companies misled the public for decades about climate change and the dangers of fossil fuels, and seeks money to help California deal with rising sea levels, drought, wildfires, and other...


( Making AI Smarter with an Artificial, Multisensory Integrated Neuron
Sep 17th 2023, 03:40

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthOur senses work together synergistically to provide a comprehensive understanding of the world, particularly when individual signals are subtle. For example, the sound of fire crackling may be ambiguous, but the scent of smoke confirms that the sound is from burning wood. Now, according to a September 15 report in Nature Communication, researchers have used artificial intelligence to develop the first artificial, multisensory integrated neuron.


( Malnutrition Early in Life Sets Stage for Poor Growth and Early Death
Sep 17th 2023, 03:40

Source: ( Science DailyIn 2022, more than one in five children around the world—nearly 150 million—did not get enough calories to grow normally, and more than 45 million showed signs of wasting, or weighing too little for their height. Now, in a trio of papers appearing in Nature on September 13, 2023, an international team of more than 100 researchers offer the most comprehensive look yet at how malnutrition affects growth in the first two years of life.


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