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( Bipolar Disorder Test | Psych Central
Sep 12th 2023, 14:43

The main characteristic of bipolar disorder is extreme shifts in mood––often called “highs and lows”––that can last for weeks or longer. Symptoms of a manic episode can include ...

( Mental Age Test: What Is Your Mental Age? I Psych Central
Sep 12th 2023, 14:43

In fact, it was originally thought that the average mental age of adults was 16 — but was later found to be about 13.5. So, a person who’s 40 years old may have a mental age of less than 30 ...

( 5 Toxic Arguing Techniques Narcissists Use | Psych Central
Sep 12th 2023, 14:43

Some examples include: “That’s stupid.”. “You’re so crazy.”. “There’s something wrong with you.”. 5. Deflecting away from the argument. When faced with indisputable proof (like ...

( Depression Hotline Numbers: Here's Help | Psych Central
Sep 12th 2023, 14:43

Depression hotlines offer immediate help that's private and confidential. Volunteers and counselors are there to assist you 24/7 with any crisis or emotional distress. Look here to find out what ...

( Attachment Style Test: What's My Attachment Style?
Sep 12th 2023, 14:43

This brief, time-saving questionnaire is designed for anyone who wants to know more about their attachment style and how they relate to others, whether friends, family, or romantic partners. The ...

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