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( After World Cup Win, Spain's Women Players Strike for "Dignified Wage"
Sep 10th 2023, 12:23

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportFirst, Spain's Women's World Cup winners said they would no longer play for their country as they fight sexism in the nation's soccer federation, La Liga, whose president kissed a player on the lips without her consent. Now, Spain's women's league players are on strike and pushing for what they call a dignified minimum wage. The minimum salary for the women's league is $17,400 before taxes, compared to nearly $200,000 guaranteed for men.


( New Type of Teaching Assistant: Universities Find Novel Uses for AI
Sep 10th 2023, 12:23

Source: ( Canadian Broadcasting Company - Top Stories NewsWhether channeling Shakespeare's voice, building rubrics for teachers, or helping students know when they're being duped by a deepfake, the new wave of artificial intelligence tools is being embraced by educators at universities this fall — and not just in the computer science labs where they were developed. Some instructors say that AI can help students understand a range of subjects and learn about the opportunities and perils that AI tools...


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