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( Could "Float Therapy" Help Ease Anorexia?
Sep 1st 2023, 06:57

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportFloat therapy, where a patient is suspended in a pool of warm, salty water in a soundproof room, could help ease some aspects of anorexia nervosa, a small new study found.


( Nikki Haley Calls for "Mental Competency Tests" for Aging Leaders
Sep 1st 2023, 06:57

Source: ( BBC News - HealthRepublican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is again calling for "mental competency tests" for aging U.S. leaders, after Senator Mitch McConnell froze up at a news conference again. "The Senate is the most privileged nursing home in the country," Ms. Haley told Fox News. Senator McConnell, 81, stared into space for more than 30 seconds when asked this week if he would run for re-election.


( Racial Segregation Linked to Higher Childhood Blood Lead Levels
Sep 1st 2023, 06:55

Source: ( Science Daily - Top SocietyBlack children who live in a racially segregated neighborhood are at a higher risk of having elevated blood lead levels than children in other neighborhoods, according to a study published in Pediatrics. The research, based on blood lead level tests of more than 320,000 children, found that the link between segregation and lead levels persisted between the 1990s and 2015, even when adjusting for people's socioeconomic status.


( Visual Artists Fight Back Against AI Companies Using Their Work
Sep 1st 2023, 06:55

Source: ( PBS ScienceKelly McKernan's paintings are bold and vibrant, often featuring feminine figures rendered in bright colors. The style, in the artist's words, is surreal and deals "with discomfort in the human journey." The word "human" has a special resonance for McKernan these days. Although it's always been hard to eke out a living as a visual artist, McKernan now sees an existential threat from a medium that isn't human: artificial intelligence.


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