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( AI Predicts Life Expectancy of Cancer Patients With Chilling Accuracy
Oct 20th 2023, 11:40

Source: ( Google NewsScientists have developed a way to tell how long cancer patients have left to live to within months. Currently, lifespan predictions are vague and sometimes wildly off-base. Patients can live years longer than expected or suddenly die within weeks of a diagnosis. But now, scientists have used artificial intelligence to make predictions that are accurate to within ten months, which can help people make the most of their remaining time and plan a...


( Postpartum Depression May Have Genetic Roots
Oct 20th 2023, 11:40

Source: ( Google News - HealthPostpartum depression (PPD) is more heritable than many other psychiatric conditions, yet the genetics are relatively understudied. To remedy that, an international team of researchers conduct the largest-ever meta-analyses of genome-wide association studies to investigate the genetic architecture of PPD. Published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the study found that 14% of the variation in PPD cases was due to common genetic factors.


( Lesbian and Gay Teens Have Twice the Odds for Binge-Eating Disorders
Oct 20th 2023, 11:39

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportStigma can take a toll on lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens, leading to high rates of binge-eating disorders, researchers say. Compared to their non-LGBTQ peers, teens who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual are more than twice as likely to report binge eating, according to a study published online October 13 in the Journal of Eating Disorders. Kids from low-income families are also at higher risk of binge eating, the study found.


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