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( Australia Votes Against Creating an Indigenous Panel to Advise Parliament
Oct 14th 2023, 03:12

Source: ( Google News - HealthAdvocates for constitutional change in Australia said they were devastated Saturday by the defeat of a referendum that would have created an advocacy committee to offer advice to Parliament on policies that affect Indigenous people—the nation's most disadvantaged ethnic minority. Accounting for only 3.8% of the population, Indigenous Australians die on average eight years younger than the wider population and have a suicide rate twice the...


( Survey Shows Most U.S. Teens Spend 4+ Hours Per Day on Social Media
Oct 14th 2023, 03:11

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsJust over half of U.S. teens said in a Gallup Poll published Friday that they spend at least 4 hours a day on social media sites such as Tok Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X. "The average time spent on social media ranges from as low as 4.1 hours per day for 13-year-olds to as high as 5.8 hours per day for 17-year-olds," Gallup said in a statement. "Girls spend nearly an hour more on social media than boys (5.3 vs. 4.4 hours,...


( Scientists Unveil Groundbreaking Atlas of Cells in the Human Brain
Oct 14th 2023, 02:56

Source: ( Science Daily - Top NewsAn international team of researchers shared an extraordinarily detailed atlas of human brain cells, mapping its staggering diversity of neurons. The atlas was published as part of a massive package of 21 papers in the journal Science, each taking complementary approaches to the same overarching questions: What cell types exist in the brain? And what makes human brains different from those of other animals?


( U.S. Oil Production Hits All-Time High, Fueling Climate Change
Oct 14th 2023, 02:54

Source: ( PBS HealthUnited States domestic oil production hit an all-time high last week, despite with efforts by the Biden administration and world leaders to slice heat-trapping carbon emissions. Weekly domestic oil production in the U.S. has doubled from the first week in October 2012 to now. The United Nations and scientists have said the world needs to cut carbon emissions—from burning coal, oil and natural gas—by 43% by 2030 and down to zero or close to...


( New AI Software Highly Accurate for Spotting Melanomas, Study Shows
Oct 14th 2023, 02:54

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsResearch presented Wednesday at a medical conference in Berlin reported that artificial intelligence (AI) software detected 100% cases of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. In the study, researchers assessed more than 22,000 patients with suspected skin cancer over 2-1/2 years. Besides detecting all cases of melanoma, the software was 99.5% accurate in detecting all skin cancers, and 92.5% effective at identifying pre-cancerous...


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