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( Bogus LGBTQ "Conversion Therapy" Still Common, Say Researchers
Oct 5th 2023, 11:35

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportIn the U.S., "conversion therapy" for LGBTQ people has been widely condemned by major medical associations. Not only that, nearly half of the country has now banned the practice for minors. But a new review across six nations suggests that conversion therapy is not a thing of the past. On average, nearly 1 in 10 LGBTQ individuals around the world say they have been exposed to the highly problematic practice at some point in their lives,...


( September 2023 Was the Hottest Ever by an "Extraordinary Amount"
Oct 5th 2023, 11:35

Source: ( CBS News - World NewsSeptember 2023 was the hottest September ever recorded, according to a new report. The Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS) said this September saw an average global surface air temperature nearly 1°F above the temperature of the previous warmest September recorded in 2020, breaking records by an "extraordinary amount," said Samantha Burgess, CCCS Deputy Director. "Climate change is here," warned service director Carlo Buontempo.


( Same-Sex Sexual Behavior Found in Many Mammal Species, Study Reports
Oct 4th 2023, 11:32

Source: ( Google News - HealthIn more than 1,500 animal species, from crickets and sea urchins to bottlenose dolphins and bonobos, scientists have observed sexual encounters between members of the same sex. These encounters are especially common in nonhuman primates. Now, a report in Nature Communications suggests that same-sex sexual behavior evolved when mammals started living in social groups, playing an adaptive role in maintaining social relationships and reducing...


( Pope Warns World "May Be Nearing Breaking Point" Due to Climate Change
Oct 4th 2023, 11:32

Source: ( BBC News - Top HeadlinesPope Francis has warned the world is "collapsing" due to climate change and may be "nearing breaking point." The pope criticized global decision-making bodies for being ineffective, as well as calling out climate deniers. His strongly-worded intervention has been published in a major new update to his landmark 2015 paper on the environment, and describes some of the damage from climate change as "already irreversible."


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