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( AI May Diagnose Autism in Children Much Earlier, Study Finds
Nov 22nd 2023, 07:11

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsA novel artificial intelligence system could diagnose autism much earlier in children, according to research to be presented this week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. The new system analyzes specialized MRIs of the brain and accurately diagnoses children between the ages of 24 and 48 months with autism 98.5% of the time. Therapeutic intervention before the age of three can lead to better outcomes and higher...


( Uncertainty Clouds Schools As New Pronoun Restrictions Raise Concerns
Nov 22nd 2023, 07:11

Source: ( PBS HealthIndiana is among at least 10 states that have enacted laws banning or restricting students from using pronouns or names that don't match their sex assigned at birth—a restriction that opponents say further marginalizes transgender and nonbinary students, who already face a high risk of bullying and abuse. "School is supposed to be a safe spot for us where we can be ourselves without [being bullied]," said one nonbinary high school student in...


( Dramatic Rise in Google Searches Related to "Climate Anxiety"
Nov 22nd 2023, 07:10

Source: ( BBC News - Science and EnvironmentOnline search queries related to "climate anxiety" have risen, according to data gathered by Google. In the first 10 months of 2023, search queries in English around "climate anxiety" were 27 times higher than the same period in 2017. Climate anxiety—defined as feelings of distress about the impacts of climate change—has been reported globally, particularly among children and young people, and studies suggest women are more affected by it...


( Study Reveals Bias in AI Tools When Diagnosing Women's Health Issue
Nov 22nd 2023, 07:10

Source: ( Science Daily - Top HealthMachine learning algorithms designed to diagnose a common infection that affects women, bacterial vaginosis, showed a diagnostic bias among ethnic groups, researchers have found. Although AI offers great potential for improving health care, it also risks perpetuating racial inequities. Published Friday in the Nature journal Digital Medicine, this is the first paper to evaluate fairness among AI tools in connection to a women's health issue.


( Trans Women Banned From Playing International Women's Cricket
Nov 22nd 2023, 06:52

Source: ( BBC News - Top HeadlinesTransgender women have been barred from playing in international women's matches under new regulations from the International Cricket Council. Any player who has gone through male puberty will not be eligible for women's internationals regardless of any surgery or treatment undertaken. The governing body said its new policy, which takes effect immediately, was based on "protection of the integrity of the women's game, safety, fairness and...


( South African Leader Accuses Israel of War Crimes Similar to Genocide
Nov 22nd 2023, 03:37

Source: ( ABC News - InternationalSouth African President Cyril Ramaphosa accused Israel of war crimes and acts "tantamount to genocide" in Gaza during a virtual meeting Tuesday of leaders of developing countries, including Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping. Ramaphosa also condemned Hamas for its attack on Israeli civilians that sparked the war in Gaza and said both sides were guilty of violating international law.


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