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( Practically Speaking: Behind the Episode: “WETting” Our Toes in Trauma Treatment Options”
Nov 15th 2023, 10:44


One of the issues that all providers are faced with in their clinical practice is deciding what treatment options might fit best with a client who has PTSD. While our brains often go to the first line treatments like PE, CPT and EMDR, sometimes a 10 - 12 session protocol isn't the best fit for the client in front of us who can’t commit to that treatment length or has other reasons that drive a different approach. To truly provide patient-driven care, we, as clinicians, need to have other EBP options at-the-ready to meet our clients where they are. In this episode of Practical for your Practice, CDP’s own Dr. Paula Domenici joins us to talk about her experience with using Written Exposure Therapy (WET) and how it has enhanced her clinical practice.

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