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( UK Summit Aims to Tackle Thorny Issues Around Cutting-Edge AI Risks
Nov 1st 2023, 10:19

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportDigital officials, tech company bosses, and researchers are converging Wednesday at a former codebreaking spy base near London to discuss the extreme risks posed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The two-day summit is focused on "frontier AI"—systems that take AI right up to its limits but could come with as-yet-unknown dangers. Officials from 28 nations and the European Union have signed an agreement on safe and responsible development...


( Less Deep Sleep in Seniors May Be a Silent Alarm for Dementia Risk
Nov 1st 2023, 10:19

Source: ( Google News - HealthAs little as 1% reduction in deep sleep per year for people over 60 years of age translates into a 27% increased risk of dementia, according to a study which suggests that enhancing or maintaining deep sleep, known as slow wave sleep, in older years could stave off dementia. The study, published today in JAMA Neurology, looked at 346 participants who were over 60 years of age and were enrolled in the Framingham Heart Study.


( FBI Director Warns Antisemitism in U.S. Reaching "Historic Levels"
Nov 1st 2023, 02:19

Source: ( BBC News - AmericasAntisemitism in the United States is reaching "historic levels" in the wake of violence in Israel and Gaza, FBI Director Christopher Wray has warned. Speaking to a senate panel on Tuesday, Mr. Wray said 60% of all religious-based hate crimes targeted Jewish people, even though Jews make up only about 2.4% of the U.S. public. Other countries, including the United Kingdom and France, have also warned of a recent major rise in antisemitic incidents.


( Tai Chi May Help Boost Cognitive Health for Seniors
Nov 1st 2023, 02:19

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsThe ancient art of tai chi, plus a modern twist, may help older adults reverse mild declines in brain power, according to a study published Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Researchers found that tai chi classes helped older adults improve their subtle problems with cognition (memory and thinking skills). But while tai chi was effective, a "cognitively enhanced" version that added mental challenges to the mix worked even better, the...


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