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( 2023 Is Officially the Hottest Year Ever Recorded, With No End in Sight
Dec 6th 2023, 10:12

Source: ( Google News - HealthIt's official—2023 will be the hottest year ever recorded. The European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service announced the milestone after analyzing data showing the warmest November ever. From January through November, global average temperatures were 1.46 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average, putting the world dangerously close to the 1.5 degrees global warming threshold that scientists have warned about for years.


( Are the Solutions to Fight Climate Change Making Progress?
Dec 6th 2023, 00:30

Source: ( BBC News - Science and EnvironmentUrgent action is needed to avoid the most damaging consequences of climate change, but it's not all doom and gloom at the U.N. climate summit meeting this week in Dubai, called COP28. Delegates from around the world are discussing several concrete ways to limit warming. So, what are some of these "solutions," and how are they progressing? This article discusses five specific ways forward.


( Alphabet Unveils Long-Awaited Gemini Artificial Intelligence Model
Dec 6th 2023, 00:29

Source: ( U.S. News and World ReportAlphabet on Wednesday introduced its most advanced artificial intelligence model, a technology capable of crunching different forms of information such as video, audio, and text. Called Gemini, the Google owner's highly anticipated AI model is capable of more sophisticated reasoning and understanding information with a greater degree of nuance than Google's prior technology, the company said.


( Brain Implants Help People Recover After Severe Head Injury
Dec 5th 2023, 10:39

Source: ( Google News - HealthDeep brain stimulation has improved cognition in people with traumatic brain injuries, a small clinical trial has found. The trial data, published in Nature Medicine on December 4, show that five participants with brain implants had a 15–52% gain in cognitive processing speed. "For some participants, the improvements have been transformative, even many years after the injury," says study co-author Jaimie Henderson, a Stanford University...


( COVID-19 Strains May Have Emerged in Response to Human Behavior
Dec 5th 2023, 10:37

Source: ( Science Daily - Top SocietyResearchers used a simulator that incorporates AI technology to uncover the survival strategy of the coronavirus in response to human behavioral changes such as staying home and isolating infected people. They found that certain human behaviors were closely related to the emergence of mutant strains. The results suggest that humans and viruses have unique effects on each other, and that human behavior may be a driving force of virus evolution.


( U.S. College Presidents Testify Before Congress on Campus Antisemitism
Dec 5th 2023, 10:37

Source: ( Google News - HealthThe presidents of Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania faced questions from Congress Tuesday about their responses to alleged incidents of antisemitism on their campuses in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war. While Republican leaders of the committee said the focus of the hearing was on addressing antisemitism, the college leaders also said they are seeing a rise in Islamophobia and are working to combat those acts of hate...


( How Oil Firms Talk About Climate Change—and How to Decode It
Dec 5th 2023, 10:37

Source: ( Google News - HealthThis year's U.N. climate conference, known as COP28, is taking place in the United Arab Emirates—a major oil and gas producing country that's looking to increase its oil production. And the oil industry has a big platform at the talks, including a pavilion for the oil cartel OPEC, to the dismay of many climate activists. So what are oil producers saying in their pledges and statements about climate change? And what does it actually mean?


( Record Number of Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Attend Climate Summit
Dec 5th 2023, 10:28

Source: ( Huff Post Environment Nearly 2,500 fossil fuel lobbyists are attending the COP28 climate summit in Dubai—a record number that's nearly four times the industry's presence at last year's meeting. That's according to an analysis from Kick Big Polluters Out, a coalition of groups that advocates for ridding the annual climate talks of fossil fuel industry influence. The coalition reviewed a list of COP28 participants and identified at least 2,456 attendees with ties to...


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