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( LCSW Numbers By State for 2023
Dec 4th 2023, 09:58

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) are the largest group of licensed mental health clinicians in the country, working in the public and private sector, providing psychotherapy and counseling on an individual, family and group basis in every state and jurisdiction. The acronyms below are the titles used in each state/ jurisdiction to designate independent clinical social work practice in that state. Here is a list of the number of LCSWs in each state with the exact title used in that state. This data was collected from state social work Boards and administrators in November, 2023. All LCSWs have requirements of two-three years post-graduate supervised experience and have taken a national exam. Most LCSWs are licensed to diagnose all mental health disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5-TR and future editions and to treat these disorders through psychotherapy when appropriate.

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