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( Experts and Advocates Divided on Question of "Genocide" in Gaza
Dec 2nd 2023, 01:39

Source: ( Canadian Broadcasting Company - Top Stories NewsA growing number of academics, lawyers, and government leaders are accusing the Israeli government of carrying out a genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. The word "genocide" has been seen and heard at pro-Palestinian protests across the world. The presidents of Colombia and South Africa have also leveled the accusation, and last week, a group of U.N. human rights special rapporteurs warned of a "genocide in the making." But is it? Experts...


( Anthrobots: Tiny Biobots From Human Cells Heal Neurons
Dec 2nd 2023, 01:39

Source: ( Google News - HealthResearchers have created tiny biological robots that they call "anthrobots" from human tracheal cells that can move across a surface and encourage the growth of neurons across a region of damage. The multicellular robots, ranging in size from the width of a human hair to the point of a sharpened pencil, have a remarkable healing effect on other cells and may one day be used as therapeutic tools for regeneration, healing, and treatment of disease.


( Meditation Offers Real Benefits to Seniors' Psychological Well-Being
Dec 2nd 2023, 01:39

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsMeditating for 20 minutes daily for 18 months naturally boosted the psychological well-being of seniors, results from a new randomized controlled trial out Friday show. The trial involved 130 healthy French speakers aged 65-84 in Caen, France, and improved participants' awareness, connection to others, and insight, according to the report, published in the journal PLOS ONE.


( Brainless Brittle Stars Learn by Association
Dec 2nd 2023, 01:38

Source: ( Google News - HealthWe humans are fixated on big brains as a proxy for smarts. But headless animals called brittle stars have no brains at all and still learn through experience. In a new study, brittle stars were placed in individual water tanks and either ate during 30 minutes of dim light or regular light. After several months, the first group came out from hiding when the lights were dimmed—even before any food was put in the tanks—whereas the other brittle...


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