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( Five Things to Know About the First Postpartum Depression Pill
Aug 11th 2023, 07:12

Source: ( Google News - HealthThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first-ever pill for treating postpartum depression, a potentially life-threatening condition that affects hundreds of thousands of new parents across the U.S. each year. The drug, Zurzuvae, has shown promising results in two company studies, with some patients reporting benefits after just 3 days, and may become available as soon as October. Here's what to know if you or a loved one is...


( LGBTQ+ People in Ethiopia Blame Attacks on TikTok Videos
Aug 11th 2023, 07:12

Source: ( ABC News - Science and TechnologyMembers of Ethiopia's LGBTQ+ community say they face a wave of harassment and physical attacks, and blame much of it on the social media platform TikTok, which they say is failing to take down posts calling for gay and transgender people to be whipped, stabbed, and killed. A local LGBTQ+ support group says that some TikTok users are also outing Ethiopians by sharing their names. In Ethiopia, homosexual acts are punishable by up to 15 years in...


( Foundations Seek to Advance AI for Good and Protect Against Its Threats
Aug 11th 2023, 07:12

Source: ( ABC News - Science and TechnologyWhile technology experts sound the alarm on the pace of artificial-intelligence development, philanthropists—including long-established foundations and tech billionaires—have been responding with an uptick in grants. Much of the philanthropy is focused on what is known as technology for good or "ethical AI," focused on preventing harmful effects from AI systems, predicting climate disasters, and discovering new drugs to save lives.


( British Sign Language Gets Climate Change Update
Aug 11th 2023, 07:12

Source: ( BBC News - UK NewsDeaf scientists and other experts have created hundreds of new science-related signs for British Sign Language, such as "greenhouse gas" and "carbon footprint," which previously had to be finger-spelled. The goal is to create "signs that visualize scientific concepts," said Dr. Audrey Cameron, who leads the Edinburgh University sign language project, which has recently added 200 new environmental science terms to the BSL dictionary.


( Suicide Rates Continue to Rise Among Americans
Aug 11th 2023, 07:11

Source: ( United Press International - Health NewsThe mental health crisis hitting Americans shows no sign of abating, with provisional numbers for 2022 showing suicides rose by another 2.6% last year. That follows on an overall 5% increase in suicides in 2021, noted officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which on Thursday released the early data for 2022. Overall, 49,449 Americans took their lives last year, up from 48,183 deaths in 2021, the agency reported.


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