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( Members in the News – August 4, 2023
Aug 4th 2023, 10:21

Jennifer Kelman is a member of NASW-FL:( 5 Crucial
Boundaries You Need to Set With Your In-Laws, Therapists Say
You don’t just need to spell out your preferences for in-person events,
however. Jennifer Kelman, LCSW, a ( family therapist working
with JustAnswer, tells Best Life that it’s also important
to put a limit on phone calls from your in-laws. This should include being
clear about when and how often these calls are acceptable. “Without this
boundary, your spouse’s parents may call several times a day and at
inappropriate hours just to ‘check in,'” she warns. 

Maria Baratta is a member of NASW-NYS:( Vacation
Eating 101
Psychology Today
Vacation is usually a time away from the everyday grind, and with that
comes eating in ways not consistent with how you eat at home. While your focus
is probably on relaxing, making memories, and having a good time, managing
health is not something you can really take a vacation from. It’s not like your
lactose intolerance, diabetes, or weight ( management ( goals disappear when you’re
away from home. As a therapist treating eating issues, I’m often asked
how to eat while on vacation. You don’t have to ignore your health concerns or
gain weight during your time away.

Emily Hemendinger is a member of NASW-CO:( A
Healthier Climb to the Top: Treating Eating Disorders in Sports
CU Anschutz Medical Campus
As both a climber and therapist, ( Emily
Hemendinger, MPH, LCSW, clinical director of the(  OCD
Program and assistant professor in the ( Department of Psychiatry at
the(  University of
Colorado School of Medicine, sees the impact RED-S and disordered
eating has on her athlete patients. “I think we do need to move away from
focusing on appearance as a measure of fitness and health,” said Hemendinger.
“We make harmful assumptions that can lead to weight stigma or lead us to
encourage someone to continue their restrictive eating and overexercise.”

Michael C. Marshall is a member of NASW-CT:( Fort
Madison’s bus policy “illegal” says social worker
The Hawk Eye
The Fort Madison Community School District transportation policy has
been called “illegal” and “deeply inhumane” by a Washington, D.C. and
Connecticut based social worker. Michael C. Marshall, LCSW, is director of
clinical services and delegate representative for the National Association of
Social Workers, Washington, D.C. and was born and raised in Fort Madison. Saturday,
he sent a press release to local media and elected officials as well as state
representatives and the governor, expressing concerns about the school
district’s transportation policy.

Terry Gaspard is a member of NASW-RI:( These women went through a pregnancy and a breakup around the same time: ‘I felt like I was stuck’ YahooTerry Gaspard, a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Rhode Island, says that a grieving period is also expected and needed, especially considering that pregnancy hormones may make emotional states more fragile to begin with. “While crying is therapeutic and stress-relieving, it’s also a good idea for the pregnant mom going through a [breakup]  to distract herself with positive activities, like fixing up her baby’s room,” Gaspard tells Yahoo Life. “She needs to avoid feeling like a victim and also strive to surround herself with uplifting people to get social support.”  

Diane VanCleave is a member of NASW-IN:( Why
is Executive Functioning Important?
The Paoli-Springs Valley News-Herald
Some say, “If parenting does not feel like white knuckle time, you’re
not doing it right.” Parenting has its complexities and challenges, and a
parent or caretaker needs to provide age-appropriate guidance. A child’s
growth progresses through executive function efficiency. Executive function
(EF) is the interconnection and coordination of brain activity skills, which is
crucial to human development. Both parents and teachers need to be working
toward a child’s healthy executive functioning.

Jennifer L. FitzPatrick is a member of NASW-MD:( 16
career-boosting tips from seasoned senior care pros
“Right now, there are countless opportunities for professional
caregivers, and you don’t have to settle for an experience that won’t help move
you forward. A good job in caregiving is one where you give of yourself and get
back. When interviewing, it’s important to make your desire for a professional
path and guidance known.” – Jennifer L. FitzPatrick, a licensed and
certified clinical social worker who has 30+ years in caregiving from Kent
Island, Maryland.

Stacy Nakell is a member of NASW-TX:( A
simple technique may help with nail-biting, skin picking and other body-focused
repetitive behaviors, new research suggests
KAKEStacy Nakell, a psychotherapist and clinical social worker
specializing in treating BFRBs, said one of the strengths of the study was
that the researchers had acknowledged the function of BFRBs as being about
emotional regulation, and she thought the habit replacement technique could be
helpful. “I like that it brings in the idea of self-soothing because I think
(that) some of the cognitive behavioral therapies have started with (the idea)
that we need to get rid of (BFRBs), and they haven’t really acknowledged the
self-soothing component of it,” said Nakell, who is the author of “Treatment
for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors: An Integrative Psychodynamic Approach.”

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